You Asked for It! TechSoup Launches Online Training for Nonprofits and Libraries

This post originally appear on the TechSoup blog. Many libraries have already signed up for our free online tech training course - come join the learning party!

Lego people, including Star Wars characters, learning how to train their staff on technology

You told us that you wanted more how-tos and online training options from TechSoup. Your wish is our command.

We're thrilled to announce that TechSoup is launching its very first online course. Learn the basics of implementing and conducting effective tech training in TechSoup's Tech Training for Nonprofit and Library Staff 101.

What You'll Learn

Tech Training for Nonprofit and Library Staff 101 gives you access to short how-tos, microlearning videos, online resources, live events featuring training experts, training plan samples, and more on TechSoup's new learning management system (LMS).

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Note: our online training system is separate from, so you'll need to create a username and password to access the online training.

Tech Training for Nonprofit and Library Staff 101 will

  • Introduce you to how to manage technology change in your organization
  • Reveal best practices for conducting trainings in a variety of formats
  • Demonstrate how to effectively engage adult learners and explain basic adult education methods
  • Provide samples of successful tech training programs in libraries and nonprofits
  • Provide the foundation for you to develop a training plan and learning objectives for your nonprofit or library's tech training

screenshot of TechSoup LMS tech training course

What the Course Includes

Lego people enjoying a TechSoup training in a classroomOur course includes

  1. A short self-evaluation and screening tool for you to determine where you should start in the curriculum
  2. Background resources on technology change management and how tech training can support adoption of technology at your organization
  3. E-learning videos and handouts on adult education best practices and learning models
  4. A live event featuring tech trainers and training experts from nonprofit organizations and libraries
  5. Examples of successful training plans from small and large nonprofits and libraries
  6. A training plan template for you to use and modify for your needs
  7. A curated list of additional tech training resources

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Note: our online training system is separate from, so you'll need to create a username and password to access the online training.

Why Online Training?

TechSoup's new learning platform provides you with just-in-time training. You can access course modules at the most convenient time for you — day or night, on your computer at work or on your mobile device. You can also view and print certificates of attendance and completion, and access a robust media library with resources from TechSoup, our partners, and our product donors.

We Want to Hear from You!

We want to offer the best, most relevant training opportunities for your organization. You'll have lots of opportunities to ask questions and provide feedback during the online course.

Plus, we've got a lot more courses planned for the coming months. So if there's a topic you'd love to see TechSoup cover, let us know in the comments.

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