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Beyond Lecture: Training Delivery Methods

Listening to a lecture isn't the best way for anyone to learn. So how can you add some zip to your technology training? If your participants are actively involved, they will learn more and (even better!) they are more apt to retain what they've learned. Let them do it!

Here are engaging training delivery methods to incorporate into your training:

Great Review of Online Survey Tools

There is a great blog post on that very thoroughly discusses all the different online survey tools that are available, including free, low-cost and advanced options. I've used online survey tools for training programs, both for annual continuing education assessments and for individual workshops. When evaluating the success of any type of program, it can help to get responses from participants quickly and easily compiled. Which of these tools do you find helpful?

Workshop Activities to Increase Learning and Retention: Part 1

We had amazing engagement from everyone involved in our webinar today, Designing and Delivering Technology Workshops. Some participants asked if we'd share more about our favorite activities to increase learning and rentention. We are going to do a couple of blog posts around this topic, since we have a lot of ideas! Share yours in the comments and we will incorporate them into our next blog post.  

Staff and Public Technology Training Programs

These excellent examples of library training programs can help you design innovative workshops and plan for training. Some of these were devised for staff training purposes but could be easily adapted for public training, or vice versa. If you need specific lesson plans, handouts, or PowerPoints, read this post for library and nonprofit websites that share their materials for free. If your library has a technology training program or if you know of other great examples, please share in the comments.

Technology Training Skills

Successful technology training has less to do with technical knowledge than with other abilities such as communication skills, patience, interpersonal skills, flexibility, and empathy towards learners struggling with new technologies. It is more useful to know how to train than to just have technical expertise. Keeping it simple and relevant is often the most important thing you can do.

Collecting Patron Technology Training Resources

WebJunction is taking a giant leap forward for library trainers across the country, by developing a truly valuable collection of library technology training resources and assets. These materials will be free to download and reuse, which will help reduce your library’s burden of developing and finding training materials. I'm so excited to be working with WebJunction on this project. It is actually a dream come true for me.

A selection of technology training resources

It seems sometimes like the best web sites for technology trainers change location every hour. I have trouble locating sites that are persistent and reliable with regular updates and new content. This is a shame, because technology trainers in schools, libraries and community technology centers don’t have time to recreate the wheel every time they teach Introduction to Microsoft Word, when hundreds of colleagues around the world have already written that lesson plan.

Library Videos Promote Services

After last week's great webinar, Tech Training Made Simple with Online Videos, which focused on using Common Craft videos for technology training, I thought it would be interesting to look at how one library is creating their own short videos to market their services, including techie ones!

From Amber Slaven:

Two Free Webinars this Week: Remote Desktop Software and Train-the-Trainer Library Best Practices

We'd love for you to join us online this week for the last two MaintainIT webinars in 2008! 

Remote Desktop Software: A MaintainIT Book Club Discussion
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