Adding Value to the Library in More Ways than One: innovative services and revenue

This month our Library Spotlight is on Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Public Library, and we've just discovered another way they are adding value to their community. Through their efforts to provide innovative services, they've added a new revenue stream by becoming a Passport Acceptance Facility. Robert J. Rua, the assistant marketing director for Cuyahoga County Public Library, wrote for American Libraries Magazine this week about this exceptional enterprise. In less than a year they've collected more than $100,000 in fees, which they've used to expand library hours. Rua has compelling reasons why this library service has advantages for community members, citing convenient operating hours, travel resources, and research professionals. The article outlines how your organization can get started offering this service, including recommendations for an all-in-one passport camera and printer system. Read our spotlight for more about their other services such as a Career Center and free wireless.