What We're Bookmarking This Month: This Is What a Librarian Looks Like

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Library Link Roundup is a recurring series in which we'll share articles, blog posts, and resources related to library technology, innovative projects, and other news we think will be of interest to our TechSoup for Libraries readers around the world. Enjoy!

Bad Librarian Joke of the Month

What is the librarian's favorite fruit?

Answer: A li-berry.

School might be out for summer, but the library world is buzzing with new developments, exciting programs, and community-centered activism. Grab a cuppa and peruse the latest in library land.

Libraries as Newsrooms for Citizen-Based Journalism

Libraries and journalism together make a great team. A new collaboration between the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Public Library recognizes the importance of libraries and newsrooms for citizen-based journalism. It offers an eight-week community journalism boot camp for Dallas area high school students.

Library skills are also crucial for marketing and communications professionals. Content Marketing Institute outlines three steps to managing your content like a librarian.

This Is What a Librarian Looks Like

Believe it or not, not all librarians have glasses, wrinkles, and cats. In the new book This Is What a Librarian Looks Like, photographer Kyle Cassidy showcases hundreds of different librarians and celebrates the invaluable work of libraries. As Taina Evans of the Brooklyn Public Library notes, "Librarians empower users in their pursuit of knowledge, learning, and in discovery and research across all disciplinary fields, transcending race, color, and creed."

The Librarian Who Is a Drug Overdose First Responder

After all, librarians handle a lot more than just books. Librarians at the McPherson branch of Free Library of Philadelphia receive training to combat the drug overdoses that occur on an almost a daily basis. Courageous library staff members are intervening to address rampant opioid abuse common to many poor urban areas.

Where to Find Suppressed Government Information

In a time where fake news runs rampant, there's a strong need for facts. The recently launched USAFacts, which provides nonpartisan public government data, has met with enthusiastic response. Plans are already underway for the next version, which will seek to make data more easily accessible. And while we're talking data, our friends at Internet Archive have worked fast to preserve U.S. Government websites and data, including the volumes of climate change data scrubbed by the Trump administration.

New Pew Survey on Seniors

Seniors usually lag behind the general public when it comes to technology use, but according to new survey from Pew Research Center, that trend is starting to shift. More seniors than ever are adopting technology, but there remains a large digital divide, particularly among lower-income seniors.

Drag Queen Story Hour

Storytimes across the United States are challenging traditional definitions of gender identity. Drag Queen Story Hour pairs drag queens with storytime reading, complete with elaborate costumes and glitter. Regularly held in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, Drag Queen Story Hour hopes to bring its imaginative celebration of literacy and positive alternative gender role models to more cities in the future. Glitter or no glitter, Megan Roberts shares tips for how libraries can offer more inclusive storytimes.

Cultural Responsiveness Quiz

Think your classroom library is ahead of the curve? Take this quiz from Lee & Low Books to see if your classroom library is culturally responsive. Learn where there are strengths and areas of improvement in the diversity of your collection.

Making a Green Screen from a Pizza Box? Really?

Don't throw away that pizza box! Instead, use them to create portable green screens. Green screens cleverly create different backgrounds for videos. K-2 library media specialist Tim Ley offers a step-by-step how-to, including video examples of projects in action.

Book Riot's Bookish Tips

Speaking of action, isn't it time you upped your book game? Take advantage of Book Riot's bookish tips to improve your book-loving life.

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