Making Technology Training a Priority—And a Job Requirement

One librarian's tale of patience, planning, and persistence
Mitchell, IN
Alexis Caudell

In this case study, we'll be looking at Edge Benchmark 8: Library has sufficient staff with technology expertise to help patrons achieve their goals.

Making individual service a priority

How a library made one-on-one training their flagship technology assistance program
Milford, OH
Emily Wichman

My library has been offering one-on-one computer instruction for years. Generally this has involved helping patrons sign up for e-mail, learn how to navigate the Internet, or even develop mouse skills. At my branch, we scheduled appointments on-the-fly, as requests were received.

Knowing how to know

A librarian shares strategies learned from his new role as trainer
Rural Colorado
Kieran Hixon

When we last spoke with Kieran Hixon, he was busy revamping John C. Fremont Public Library District's computers through open source solutions.

The Maine Course

Lessons from a Maine State Library Employee
Augusta, ME
Janet McKenney
As a steering committee member of the MaintainIT Project, the Coordinator of Learning and Technology Services of the Maine State Library, and a former circuit rider, Janet McKenney has learned invaluable lessons and has a wealth of advice to share. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a circuit rider is a shared systems administrator/technology consultant. Sometimes the libraries band together themselves to hire the circuit rider, but more often than not a regional library consortium or state library provides the service for its member libraries.