total cost of ownership

The Place for Information

Providing Patrons with Support and Enlightenment
Fitzgerald, Georgia
J. Sara Paulk
As Assistant Director of the Fitzgerald-Ben Hill County Library in Fitzgerald, Georgia, J. Sara Paulk is responsible for everything from computer maintenance and upgrades to adult programming, interlibrary loans, and cataloging. One of the biggest and most important aspects of her job is to provide patrons with much-needed support and access to information.

Small and Rural

The Maine Course

Lessons from a Maine State Library Employee
Augusta, ME
Janet McKenney
As a steering committee member of the MaintainIT Project, the Coordinator of Learning and Technology Services of the Maine State Library, and a former circuit rider, Janet McKenney has learned invaluable lessons and has a wealth of advice to share. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a circuit rider is a shared systems administrator/technology consultant. Sometimes the libraries band together themselves to hire the circuit rider, but more often than not a regional library consortium or state library provides the service for its member libraries.

Counting from Top to Bottom

Assessing Total Cost of Ownership for Public Computing and Technology
Medina, OH
Jim Haprian

Located in north-central Ohio, Medina County is home to nearly 200,000 people and the six branches of the Medina County District Library (MCDL). Jim Haprian, the Technology Manager at MCDL, began his career in libraries working as a janitor in 1992. Since then, he has worked as a Page, a Circulation Clerk, a Bookmobile Assistant, and a Technology Coordinator before moving to his current position in 2000.