Engaging Teens with Minecraft

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Poudre River Public Library District draws in younger patrons with the popular sandbox video game.
Fort Collins, CO
Amy Holzworth

Poudre River Public Library District librarian Amy Holzworth first learned about Minecraft when she noticed her teenaged sons and their friends enthusiastically toting laptops and network gear to each other's houses to collaborate on building creative virtual worlds in the video game.

How Community Partnerships Transformed the Pottsboro Area Library

The Pottsboro Area Library reinvented itself through strategic partnerships with community experts.
Pottsboro, Texas
Dianne Connery

When Dianne Connery first started as president of the operating board, the Pottsboro Area Library was a sparsely visited institution on the verge of closure. The post office-turned-library had a reputation of not being kid-friendly and full of books that nobody wanted to read. Connery rolled up her sleeves and got to work to keep the library open and make it a community destination.

Crash and Learn

A Librarian Learns and Grows from Challenges
El Dorado, Arkansas
Mindy Farley

As Systems Administrator and Youth Services Coordinator of the Barton Public Library, Mindy Farley has run into the usual technical problems such as a freezing computer or a patron unable to open a document. But within the past three years, her library has experienced far more than its fair share of tough challenges and adversity. Mindy has faced every challenge with an optimistic attitude, and learned from each experience.

Ahead of the Game

How the library and its partners threw out the old ideas of what a “youth center” looks like.
Charlotte, NC
Kelly Czarnecki

As Technology Education Librarian at the ImaginOn Library in North Carolina’s Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County (PLCMC) system, Kelly Czarnecki inspires creativity and learning through games, computer programming and multimedia production at a unique cultural institution designed and built specifically for children and young adults.  

A Merging of Passions

How One Librarian’s Love of Teaching Enhances and Informs her Technology Know-How
Caldwell, ID
Annie Adamson

Somewhere along the way, there is always that one librarian who seems to be just as excited—if not more—than you or the other patrons about the pursuit and sharing of knowledge and information. Annie Adamson, a librarian of Caldwell Public Library, is one such enthusiastic—and enthusing—example.