staff training

Building Smart from the Start

Staff input key to designing a useful training portal at a Texas library
Houston, TX
Suzy Benton and Thuy Vo

Overhauling the System from the Bottom Up

How one librarian is reinforcing the foundation of a "Leaning Tower of Pisa" network
Bossier City, LA
Jaketha Farmer
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Located in the heart of the Deep South, Bossier Parish, Louisiana is home to nearly 100,000 people. Within the 935-square-mile county are the seven branches of the Bossier Parish Libraries, with the Bossier Central Library near Shreveport at the system's center. New to the library, in both role and person, is Jaketha Farmer.

Planning Makes Perfect

How a library IT Manager supports her system’s computers today, while keeping an eye on the future
Burlington, KY
Michelle Foster

A Merging of Passions

How One Librarian’s Love of Teaching Enhances and Informs her Technology Know-How
Caldwell, ID
Annie Adamson

Somewhere along the way, there is always that one librarian who seems to be just as excited—if not more—than you or the other patrons about the pursuit and sharing of knowledge and information. Annie Adamson, a librarian of Caldwell Public Library, is one such enthusiastic—and enthusing—example.

That Darned Fax Machine

How a can-do attitude and perseverance helped Calhoun County Public Library take full advantage of the opportunities presented to implement technology
Blountsville, FL
Rita Maupin