Washington Library Increases Service by Giving Patrons the Keys

How a library reinvented itself for the community with the help of technology.
Yacolt, WA
Sam Wallin

If you visit the Yacolt Library Express in Yacolt, Washington, you'll be greeted with the sights you'd expect at any public library: shelves of books and other media, patrons reading or studying, public computers. But you might not be greeted by a librarian. That's because of the 68 hours that the Yacolt library is open every week, there are staff members present for only about 15 of them.

Learning without Fear, and a Few Lessons in Between

How a self-­taught techie keeps one library up and running
Hearne, TX
Faye Hover

Faye Hover, the director and IT Manager of the Smith­Welch Memorial Library manages a slim staff—just three full­time librarians—yet manages to offer programs, services, and a lot of heart to the people of Hearne, Texas.

Alachua County Library District Implements Innovative Laptop Checkout Program

How a staff of non-techies used their brainpower to dream up a creative plan that worked
Gainesville, FL
Micheal Fettes

Micheal Fettes, the Automated Services Administrator for Alachua County Library District (ACLD) in Gainesville, Florida, oversees 12 staff members who possess diverse qualifications but lack advanced experience with technology.