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Active Listening

An IT Supervisor Attends to the Needs of Staff and Patrons
Scottsdale, Arizona
Aimee Fifarek

As Lead Systems Integrator/Library Technology Supervisor at Scottsdale Public Library in Arizona, Aimee Fifarek shows how active listening skills, flexibility, and the willingness to try new ideas can result in a more efficient library.

Update: Since being interviewed in July 2007, Aimee Fifarek has changed positions and is now the Technologies and Content Manager for the Scottsdale Public Library.

Two-way Communication

How a librarian created a user-centered, social library
Jefferson City, MO
Robin Hastings

As Information Technology Manager of the Missouri River Regional Library in Jefferson City, Missouri, Robin Hastings relies on the human factor and various forms of communication to connect with patrons and colleagues alike.