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From Indifference to Making a Difference
Jacksonville, TX
David Emprimo

David Emprimo of Jacksonville Public Library in Texas once avoided computers at all costs. Now, as Head of Technical Services, he is in charge of maintaining the library’s computers.

Finding the "IT" Factor

A Small Town Librarian Turned Techie with Help from her Brother
Farley, IA
Becky Heil

Becky Heil is the Library Director of Dubuque County Library (DCL), a county library system in northeastern Iowa that serves a little over 16,000 people. Like many librarians in small counties, she wears many hats. Although her official title is Library Director, she also works in Information Technology (IT) thanks to some on-the-job training and help from a consultant, providing support to the system’s three branches in Farley, Holy Cross, and Epworth.