What’s your mode of choice for learning about technology?

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When it comes to new software, I always avoid the user manuals, How-To books and resources, and other such tools until after I've grabbed the software (or whatever the technology is, such as a handheld device, etc.), installed it, and fired it up.

I use stuff to learn about it. I was to see how solid it is. In all my years of using computers and other tech toys (going back to 1978), I've never read a manual prior to using anything. Only one piece of software was so un-intuitive that I had to refer to the manual to figure out how to do anything with it! Yes, despite having to turn to the manual to even begin using the software, I did give it a fair trial, and in the end, no, it wasn't adopted.

A well-developed piece of software or other technological gizmo, whether a handheld device (phone, tablet, etc.), or anything else, should be designed so it's user-friendly. Basically, if it isn't intuitive, the design is all wrong.