Spotlight: Intuit® Client Education and Support Software

Small business ownership is on the rise, and often organizing personal and small business finances can be problematic. Be part of the solution! Intuit's Quicken and QuickBooks financial management and small business accounting software is available in bundles of 25 or 100 licenses. Eligible libraries and organizations may request as many bundles of available stock as necessary to support their programs.

Active Listening

An IT Supervisor Attends to the Needs of Staff and Patrons
Scottsdale, Arizona
Aimee Fifarek

As Lead Systems Integrator/Library Technology Supervisor at Scottsdale Public Library in Arizona, Aimee Fifarek shows how active listening skills, flexibility, and the willingness to try new ideas can result in a more efficient library.

Update: Since being interviewed in July 2007, Aimee Fifarek has changed positions and is now the Technologies and Content Manager for the Scottsdale Public Library.

3 Free Visual Marketing Tools for Your Library

Library visual markeitng tools loaded on laptops

In whatever work environment you are in, you gain lessons from your experiences every day. From learning about a new resource to finding an innovative solution to a common problem, lessons learned from personal experiences can be shared with colleagues to help them in their own work and in the service they provide to customers. With that being said, what are some solutions to help you communicate lessons learned or new resources to others? Three tools for you to consider are PowToon, Animaker, and Emaze. This post will focus on the free aspects of each of these tools, all of which also offer paid plans.

How to Get Voters to Support Your Library

An "I voted" sticker

If you work or volunteer in a library, you may have heard about the report From Awareness to Funding: Voter Perceptions and Support of Public Libraries in 2018. If you haven't read it, here's the good news: Compared to 2008, more voters think of libraries as hubs for connecting, learning, and skill building. The not-so-good news: Most voters don't understand where library funding comes from, and they are less committed to supporting tax-based library funding than they were a decade ago. See WebJunction's director, Sharon Streams, discuss the report in greater depth during her booth spotlight presentation at ALA 2018.

106 Fascinating Voice Search Facts

A person using voice search on a phone

The Internet has significantly expanded the amount of available reference information and has made searching for it more seamless. Librarians nowadays use their expertise to help patrons develop their searching skills and navigate the Internet so they can search for information more efficiently. In order to maximize their technology services to communities, libraries offer both formal and informal education for senior patrons. But most of all, patrons, especially older ones, can benefit from voice search.

How Your Patrons Can Use Google Voice Typing

Library patron using Google Voice Typing

It's a fact. Interacting with our electronic devices by using our voices instead of typing has come of age. Voice recognition technology took a long time to mature, but it has arrived and is easy to use. Mouse and keyboard are still our primary input devices and probably will continue to be for quite a while, but speech recognition and voice input is available on nearly everything now. It's a great accessibility tool for patrons with physical disabilities. Here's a little how-to primer on one of the more universal free services: Google Voice Typing in Google Docs.

September 2018 Library Tech Newsbytes

A hand pulling a page out of a book

What's new in library tech! Library Tech Newsbytes is a collection of fun news items from pretty much anywhere we find them. We've been stepping up our game on Twitter (@TS4Libs) recently, so you may have seen one of these already, but never fear! Find some fresh library tech newsbytes below. We hope you enjoy our batch for this month!

August 2018 Library Tech Newsbytes

A hand pulling a page out of a book

What's new in library tech? Library tech newsbytes is a collection of fun news items from pretty much anywhere we find them. For some reason, most of them this time come from the great state of Kansas. We hope you enjoy our batch for this month!