Should You Upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud?

02/23/2017 - 11:00am America/Los_Angeles
60 minutes

If you're developing or designing websites, laying out graphics and print collateral, or editing images or videos, or you may have hit the proverbial wall in how much you can accomplish with consumer-grade tools.

Perhaps you've used individual applications like Adobe's Acrobat or Photoshop in the past and want access to the full platform of applications. Maybe you're using an older installed version of Adobe's Creative Suite and you're wondering whether it's time to upgrade.

This free, hour-long webinar with TechSoup's novice-turned-pro-designer Wes Holing will:

  • Walk through the different applications included in Adobe's Creative Cloud and cover the best uses for each of the main apps.
  • Highlight some key features that make them stand out from the crowd of free-but-limited tools.
  • Help you determine whether you can accomplish what you need with what you're already using or if jumping into the cloud will help you better meet your organization's mission.
  • Point you to free courses to learn how to design better and learn the basics of some Adobe CC applications.