What We're Bookmarking This Month: Missing Medieval Manuscripts, Bridging the Gender Divide, and Digitizing One of the Largest Books in the World

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Library Link Roundup is a recurring series in which we'll share articles, blog posts, and resources related to library technology, innovative projects, and other news we think will be of interest to our TechSoup for Libraries readers around the world. Enjoy!

Bad Librarian Joke of the Month

Why is the library the tallest building in town?

Answer: It has the most stories.

As American public libraries fight for federal funding, it is interesting to remember that public libraries developed in a similar era of big societal change. Inside Higher Ed shares the history of how libraries first became public and how women had a lot to do with it.

A history of the card catalog that is also a compelling read? Believe it or not, Library of Congress' newly released book offers a fascinating look into how the card catalog played a role in the development of civilization and spread of knowledge.

Knowledge is changing, according to David Weinberger, and he argues that knowledge in today's world is in need of curators. Similarly, Michael Bhaskar argues that with technical innovation, machine and human curation is needed all the more. Enter librarians!

The case of the missing medieval manuscripts isn't the title of a new mystery novel. Rather, it was a decades-long mystery solved as the Boston Public Library recently discovered that three materials slated for digitization were part of several rare Italian collections. They will be safely repatriated to Italy.

Speaking of digitization, The British Library just digitized one of the largest books in the world. In fact, it was a multiperson job to maneuver the book for photographing, but the results of the digitized Klencke Atlas are amazing to behold.

Researchers take note! Library Journal reports on a newly launched browser extension that assists users in finding the full text of open access articles.

Despite global efforts towards digital inclusion, a new report from The Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development's Working Group on the Digital Gender Divide shows that the gender gap among internet users worldwide has widened in the last three years. Download the full report (PDF) for more findings and guidelines for reducing the gender digital divide. (Hat tip to Stephen Abram for pointing us to this report.)

Chances are you've heard of metadata around the library world, but do you really know what it means? Data Informed offers a simple, straightforward guide to the basics of metadata and why it matters.

Makerspaces are a common piece of teen library programming these days, but tech can come at a cost. Karen Jensen of Teen Librarian Toolbox, offers ideas for traditional arts and crafts makerspace projects that can be low-cost, appealing options for teens.

Young authors on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia are about to become published authors. Thanks to a community literacy effort between the Peace Corps and Soufrière Public Library, participating high school students attended writing workshops and worked with storytellers to develop and write their own children's books.

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