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Q & A with an Edge Library


Bill Young, with the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, recently talked to the Miami (OK) Public Library director, Marcia Johnson, to find out about her experiences as a pilot library for the Edge Initiative .

Avoid Social Stagnation! Get Your Whole Staff Involved in Social Media


Are you having fun and being creative on social media, or do you feel like you're just tweeting and posting the same things over and over? Maybe your library's social media presence is stagnating. Here's how to break out of that rut.

The Edge Initiative from a Small or Rural Library Perspective


Thank you to today's webinar guests, Mary Haney and Lee Ann Barnes, for sharing their experiences and insights about the Edge Initiative from a small and rural library perspective. Missed it? The session was recorded.

HATCHing fun and learning in young minds


During a visit to La Veta Public Library in southern Colorado last year, I noticed a colorful keyboard and big monitor sitting in the children’s area.  When Director Sandra Hackbarth told me about her great experiences with the HATCH iStartSmart touchscreen early childhood learning system, I was ready to go back to my library and buy one.

Kansas City Library’s New Software Lending Library


Inspired by the coming of ultra-fast gigabit broadband Internet to their city this year, the Kansas City Public Library has devised something new for public access computing – lending software over the Internet.

Welcome to the Teen Center: Ages 12-18 Only


I was recently in Columbia, SC to deliver a workshop. If you're like me, you know that travel always means a stop at the local library. A highlight of my visit to Columbia's Richland Library was a peek at the new Teen Center.

The Edge Initiative from a Small and Rural Library Perspective


Join us on September 25th at 11 AM Pacific/Noon Mountain/1 PM Central/2 PM Eastern time, as we talk with participants from Edge Initiative pilot libraries located in small/rural communities!

How do you learn to troubleshoot technology?


Many people working in libraries spend a significant amount of time troubleshooting technology (printers, computers, wireless routers, etc.). If you're new to this role and are perhaps an "accidental techie", without a background or training in fixing technology, how do you gain the skills you need? And how can you feel prepared to address problems and issues you may not be able to anticipate?

Creative Fundraising Ideas for Libraries


In a recent thread on the Association for Rural and Small Libraries (ARSL) listserv, librarians and staff shared fundraising ideas and stories. The original poster on the ARSL was looking for ideas that could both increase patron traffic and visibility of a very small library. ARSL members rallied and swapped ideas and examples of successful library-related fundraising ideas. This couldn't be better timing as we've been covering fundraising tactics over on's blog.

Talking about Tablets: West Vancouver Memorial Library


Thank you to Sarah Felkar, Digital Access Librarian at the West Vancouver Memorial Library in West Vancouver, British Columbia, who responded to our call for information about ways in which libraries are currently using tablets!

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