21 May 2009 - 3:27pm | by Sarah Washburn

I was a Twitter skeptic, and then a Twitter admirer, and I admit I'm at times bored by what some reveal in 140 characters, but I still continue to discover greatness, especially from libraries that use Twitter.

20 May 2009 - 10:25am | by Sarah Washburn

I ran across an excellent post on the CALIX list this week (California libraries) that was worth sharing. Kathleen K. Smith, Projects Librarian at the Fresno County Public Library took it upon herself to ask, "what is your policy for when a patron asks for an extended period of time to complete their work on the public computers?" And then she shared the responses! Read on to find out what California libraries do in this situation.

Summary of Responses:

19 May 2009 - 12:18pm | by Sarah Washburn

If you visit our site regularly or attend our webinars, you'll likely recognize the name of one of MaintainIT's prized Contributors, Stephanie Gerding. You may also know that she's a marvel, sharing her expertise in many fields, including helping libraries find and get grants.

18 May 2009 - 8:33am | by Amber Slaven

The King County Library System in Washington State is one of the busiest in the country. Our service area encompasses 2,131 miles, including many rural and unincorporated areas.

14 May 2009 - 11:04am | by Chris Peters

If you've been following the economic stimulus bill (The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 or ARRA) and its impact on libraries, you know that it allocates $7.2 billion to encourage investment in America's broadband infrastructure. Of that money, $200 million has been specifically allocated to expand public computing capacity in libaries and community colleges.

13 May 2009 - 8:21am | by Chris Peters

I'm a big fan of calculators such as the IT Staff Calculator
that Lori Ayres developed for planning and estimating your IT staff
needs. They're not perfect of course, but they give you a sense of the
big picture and whether your projections line up with the experiences
of other libraries.

12 May 2009 - 8:51am | by Tena Hanson

Have you ever been at a meeting where everyone takes out their calendars and PDAs and tries to figure out when on earth they could possibly meet again? You watch them one-up each other with all the reasons they are SO busy they can’t possibly meet on this day, at that time, and so the process starts all over again.

8 May 2009 - 8:40am | by Sarah Willeford

We have all been involved in committees or groups who need to create or edit a document. It begins with one person starting the document, and then suggestions and edits are made and passed back and forth in emails or maybe even hard copies.

6 May 2009 - 9:50am | by Chris Peters

The catch is that first preference goes to a small library in the Louisville, KY area. Yep that narrows it down some, but this plea for help from Michelle at the Consuming Louisville blog is something all libraries should look at. She wants to buy books for one of her local libraries, and she reaches lots of people who feel the same way, so she's starting a virtual book drive.

4 May 2009 - 4:54pm | by Sarah Washburn

With all of the new-fangled technology out there to talk about, to experiment, and to discuss on listservs, I'm always happy to see focused discussions on topics that get down to basics. This one caught my eye, because it was so well-articulated and researched.

Clean public computers and peripherals are always important, especially during a time when global pandemics are dominating the airwaves. Here's a great post from the sys-lib list that John Coogan, Systems Librarian from the Univ of MD so kindy researched and shared.

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