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Get your game on!


If you've read any articles about gaming, or you've sponsored tournaments at your library, or you've attended a library conference lately, you've likely heard the buzz around gaming in libraries. I LOVE watching librarians giggling and having fun playing Rock Band during conference down-times. At the recent ARSL conference, a certain someone was heard belting out classics while her colleagues accompanied her on drums and guitar (who knew that Margaret Miles--also a member of our steering committee--was such a rocker?).

What is your public computer's DNA?

Tags: Everything we do at MaintainIT is based on the experiences we gather from librarians and staff about maintaining public computers. We interview libraries each week, but another way we hear from libraries is through a link on our web site where we invite folks to share their experiences with us.

ARSL magic: ruminations on why I love this conference


I just returned from the wildly successful Association for Rural and Small Libraries conference held in Sacramento. I have much to share about why I loved it, why I'll keep coming back, and why, like Brenda, I'm shouting enthusiastically to everyone I know: "this is my new favorite conference!"

Is SteadyState 2.5 Worth an Upgrade?


A few years ago I worked for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s U.S. Library Program help desk, where I fielded thousands of calls about the peculiar difficulties of making a computer available for public use. Later when Microsoft released Windows SteadyState 2.0 (formerly known as the Shared Computer Toolkit), a free program that protects public computers and makes them easier to manage, I wrote some articles on how to install it and configure it. So when Microsoft released SteadyState 2.5 this summer, I was curious to try it out.

10 Things I Enjoyed at ARSL


I just returned from Sacramento, where I attended the ARSL conference for the first time. It is now on my short list of favorite conferences to attend.  I'll list a few highlights... things that I am thinking about now as I return to "regular" life. 

Go west to the ARSL conference!


Well, I'm certain many folks will be going west to the Association for Rural and Small Libraries conference--I'll be driving a bit eastward, but I love the pioneering spirit, the trailblazing moxie that "go west!" evokes.

Webinar Recap: You need to watch this archive! Public Computers and 2.0 Tools


Wow, Robin and Brenda did such a great job in today’s webinar. Robin Hastings from the Missouri River Regional Library provided interesting insider information on how her library has opened up two way communication and sharing with their community using 2.0 tools. As Robin said, “If it is a social media site where our patrons are, that is where we are.” How fantastic!

Public Computers and 2.0 Tools


Every month MaintainIT and WebJunction collaborate to provide a 30-minute webinar related to public access computing and MaintainIT Cookbook content. I just finished "dress rehearsal" for tomorrow's webinar, starring Robin Hastings... and I can tell this is going to be one of the best webinars yet.

Help spread the word!


We're pretty excited over here at MaintainIT about a recent addition to our web site. We've added a fun and easy way for you and your library to spread the word about the project.

Webinar Recap: Trainers Sharing Online Training Tips


Brenda Hough facilitated a great discussion for the September train-the-trainer webinar focused on online training. This was a popular session with trainers from around the country participating and sharing tips and techniques.

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