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Sage Thursday thoughts on communication


Today I ran across a great tip on the sys-lib list about communication. While simple, it's good to be reminded of what this Systems Librarian in Missouri shared:

This Week's Webinars


Three is a magic number -- bears, pigs, wishes, and now... WEBINARS!

 This week, three MaintainIT webinars are scheduled. Participate in one, two, or all three if you like!

The Tech Static

Tags: The Tech Static, a new collection development resource for technology titles, published its inaugural issue today. Included in this first issue was an announcement regarding the new MaintainIT Cookbook, Joy of Computing - Planning for Success. Hooray!

How much paper does your library use each year?

Tags: The dirty secret of librarianship is the amount of paper we use.  Well, it's not really a secret.  And the fact that we offer a shared resource (i.e. books) based on paper saves untold numbers of trees every year.  But we do use a lot of printer paper, and it costs us in time, money and nagging guilt.  If you need some help taming this beast, TechSoup Global’s GreenTech Program is hosting a free one-day online event on Wed. Nov. 12th: Reduce Paper Use: Greening the Planet and Helping Your Nonprofit’s Budget

TechSoup Promotion TODAY: find donors using NOZA


TechSoup is running a promotion TODAY! What does this mean for public libraries? Read on...

A NEW cookbook has arrived, thanks to all of YOU!


We're very happy to report that the latest Cookbook is now available on the MaintainIT web site! "Planning for Success, a guide for the overworked librarian" is packed with resources, ideas, tips, and techniques from over a hundred librarians from across the country.

What to do with old computers: Rejuvenate, Reuse, Refurbish, Recycle, or Replace?


I've noticed that we humans tend to develop a personal relationship with our machines. We give them names, we decorate them, and they become an important part of our daily routines. But eventually the day comes along that a machine is no longer serving its purpose and we need to move on. What can you do with that old machine? In a MaintainIT webinar on October 30th, Jean Montgomery and Jim Lynch shared some ideas, including: rejuvenate, reuse, refurbish, recycle, and replace.

Even MORE Free Webinars Showcasing the NEW MaintainIT Cookbook!

The new cookbook is full of so much amazingly helpful information, I get really excited just thinking about it. The many librarians who contributed time and knowledge to share with others have created a resource that is an outstanding contribution to the library world! There are so many webinars scheduled, you are sure to find several that you are interested in or want to forward on to someone else.

Free Webinars Showcasing the NEW (FREE) MaintainIT Cookbook

Tags: We're so excited about the new MaintainIT Cookbook, "Planning for Success!" This free online resource brings together the most current ideas and best practices for planning, building, and managing your library’s computer technology. Librarians around the country have contributed their knowledge on topics ranging from security solutions and strategic maintenance practices to community experiences involving Web 2.0 tools and vital partnerships.  And best of all, like all of the other MaintainIT materials, it is FREE. For the next month we are hosting a cornucopia of webinars to showcase the new materials—from 20-minute introductions to one hour topic specific discussions. Join us for these learning experiences: 

Calm Technology


At the Internet Librarian Conference earlier this week I was fascinated by a presentation—Ubiquitous Computing and Library Futures—given by Chris Peters, Technical Analyst at MaintainIT, and Michael Porter, Community Project Manager at WebJunction. They defined Ubicomp as “a model of human-computer interaction in which information processing has been thoroughly integrated into everyday objects and activities.” Essentially this would mean computing and information access happening where and when we need it, enabled by calm technology that is everywhere but is effectively invisible. Doesn’t that sound lovely? 

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