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FREE webinar today: wireless and acceptable use policies


Do you have wireless, want wireless, or feel like you could better explain the ins and outs of wireless usage to your patrons?

If you answered yes, maybe, or sorta to any of these questions, MaintainIT has a 30-minute solution for you. TODAY.

Straight from the Koha files: Migration Migraine


Had a migration meeting on Friday and learned that the timeline has been bumped up by two months! Over Memorial Day Weekend, all holds between our NExpress libraries and the rest of the consortium will be shut off. Questions were brought up about "orphaned" holds and what kind of message a patron will get if/when they try to put a hold on some newly forbidden fruit-like item. I tried not to hyperventilate, but it was hard. This will be quite the public relations challenge, to put a positive spin on it.

Moms are the best collaborators


In most of my recent jobs, my mom has had a hand in helping me out. When I worked at the Gates Foundation as part of the US Library program, she offered feedback on materials we distributed along with the granted computers. When we started the September Project, she engaged not only her local library, but just about every library to which she had a connection, which was a lot!

leasing computers: pros today, cons tomorrow


We've heard from a lot of libraries who have leased computers in their libraries, and since a librarian we were interviewing yesterday asked for more information on that topic, I thought I'd offer a sneak peak at what we're writing in the next Cookbook. If you've leased computers in your library, please share your experiences in a comment, and please also let us know who you are, so we chat more with you and include your ideas in the next Cookbook!

Learning about technology: how do you do it?


In a recent comment to our latest poll, Dave Jackson offered his thoughts on his favorite tools (or lack thereof) for learning:

Top 10 list of why my patrons will love Koha


Whenever I introduce some new program, service, collection, or web site feature, I have a small worry that it will backfire. If I were in a large system, I'd do surveys and interviews and find out before I launched that it would be well received. Well, I'm not in a big system, so I just do it.

Planning makes perfect


How a library IT Manager supports her system’s computers today, while keeping an eye on the future
In the northernmost part of Kentucky, Boone County Public Library is a relative newcomer to the 210-year-old county. It was only 35 years ago when the library was imagined, and has been a part of Boone County for 32 years. Since then, the library has wasted little time in catching up: today there are five branches meeting the needs of over 100,000 people. Boone County's rapid growth (it’s been among the top 50 fastest-growing counties in the United States) and prosperity have given the library the added benefit of an unusually generous budget.

making life a bit greener


This month at the FLA conference in St. Pete Beach, FL, Sherry Millington, the Director of Suwannee River Regional Library, took part in the MaintainIT presentation, "Leading the Way: Stories from the Front Lines of Public Computing." As part of her talk, she spoke about techniques her library uses to save money and to keep aging technology out of the landfill. This is no easy task: Suwannee River Regional Library serves a rural community, and Sherry admitted that implementing green technology practices can be a difficult proposition.

From Sirsi to Koha...


Welcome Sharon Moreland, our most recent guest blogger! Sharon is the Director at the Tonganoxie Public Library in Kansas, and a contributor to the Cookbooks. Sharon will be a regular blogger for MaintainIT, telling the tale of her experiences with Koha as her library starts a new chapter with open source. Welcome, Sharon! (Oh, and I was the one who added the photo of Sharon to her post. I couldn't help myself!) :)

-sarah ----

What's your go-to recipe?


At a dinner party last weekend, someone asked the host if she cooked meals for her family during the week. The cook responded favorably, admitting that she had a few tried and true recipes in heavy rotation. My dinner mate followed up with, "what are your favorite go-to recipes?"

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