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Library Field Trips


Have you ever wondered how your library compares to other local libraries? Looking for ideas about design, layout and architecture? Do you want more information about PC reservation software? Just needed a little bit of library inspiration?

Training Online


Each month, we host a MaintainIT webinar for trainers. The goal is to help people think about how to use the MaintainIT resources in the training they are providing. We're hosting a train-the-trainer webinar tomorrow and in this one, we will focus on ideas for using MaintainIT resources in training that you provide online.

Inspiring confidence


What inspires confidence? Is it a well-used and dog-eared tech manual? Is it a patient techie? Someone from your unofficial support network? A common theme in our interviews is how perspectives change and comfort zones increase when librarians and staff become more confident with technology.

A technology plan is "not a decree from God on High"


I've been listening to interviews from past Cookbooks, and I came upon these gems from our chat with Lyle Jacobs, Director at the Acadia Parish Library in Crowley, Louisiana, who, among other things, espoused that a technology plan is "not a decree from God on high, nor the only path to enlightenment." I think we can all agree with that!

New Report Published--Libraries Connect Communities: Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study 2007-2008


This is great information that can be used to show the amount of technology access and support libraries are providing to their communities. Share with your stakeholders, city officials, and especially, your grant funders! I love seeing proof of all the library wireless access and technology training! --sg

The ALA Office for Research & Statistics and the Information Institute at Florida State University just published “Libraries Connect Communities: Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study 2007-2008.”  The complete report is available for free at, and a copy of the bound report can be purchased through the ALA,

Who is in YOUR unofficial support network?


Happy birthday to Chris Peters, MaintainIT Cookbook author and one of my favorite people to turn to when I need to better understand something about library technology. If he doesn't know the answer to a question I ask, he sees that as a challenge and soon he does know and explains it to me, too.

Can you future-proof your library?


This was a question that Micheal Krasny, host of the Forum on NPR's affiliate in San Franciso asked of his guests yesterday in an hour-long program called "The Future of Libraries." Al Escoffier, City Librarian for the Burlingame Public Library, Jane Light, Director of the San Jose Library, Jim Rettig, president of the American Library Association, and Martin Gomez, President of the Urban Libraries Council were on the program.

Wired for Wireless?!


There were many great discussions at today’s Book Club webinar on Avoiding Wireless Networking Problems including: wiring for wireless, planning for access points, using repeaters, how to minimize interference and even how to improve bandwidth. There was a great combination of techie experts, novices, and in-betweeners.

IT Department or Rec Department?


I’ve noticed lately that libraries are beginning to be co-opted into different local government departments. In Roseville, CA, the library is under the Recreation Department and something similar has been done in Palos Verdes. Most recently I’ve noticed the Library Director job is being defined as "Community Services Director" in San Bruno, where there will only be an Assistant Library Director. These are just a few of the examples of libraries I can give from California; I’m sure there are many more.

A Reel Find: Tennessee libraries use a wiki to share technology tips and techniques


At the MaintainIT Project, we're always working to find new and useful ways to communicate about library technology, so when I recently encountered the Reelfoot Regional Library System's Reel Wiki, I asked Joyce Gunnels if she would share some information about it with me. Luckily, she agreed and here are her responses.

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