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Learn how to use Cookbooks in trainings... tomorrow!


Each month, Brenda Hough assembles trainers and those interested in learning more about the MaintainIT Project in a FREE webinar. She shares tips, techniques, and resources around incorporating the Cookbooks into trainings. Each month, the webinars evolve, as more people share their ideas and their experiences.

A Day of Technology Learning and Play


On Friday, August 1st, I attended and presented at the Northeast Kansas Library System's annual Tech Day. Michael Porter, AKA Libraryman, kicked the day off with an inspiring and engaging presentation about "gadgets". It was exciting to hear about technologies that will be impacting us not only in the future, but also right now.

What we talked about: Book Club Re-cap


Every month, MaintainIT hosts an online book club discussion. We select a chapter from one of the Cookboks, invite people to read it, and then meet to discuss. Earlier this week a group gathered to discuss Meal Plan 5 from Recipes for a 5-Star Library, which is all about PC Reservation/Time Management Software.

The Biggest, Baddest Machines...

Tags: Jim Haprian, Technology Services Manager from the Medina County District Library in Ohio had some words of wisdom in his interview with Chris Peters about purchasing servers as well as public access computers. Jim’s attitude towards purchasing new computers is,

Green bookmobile


I'm a big fan of bookmobiles. I'm also a big fan of paper--books, magazines, newspapers. One way to put a smile on my face is to send me a letter, and when a letter has a newspaper clipping hidden inside, even better.

Big sky country libraries in the news


Something is brewing in Montana, and it's showing up on the newswires. I just came across two terrific stories worth sharing about Montana libraries and public computers.

Lisa Prolman at Greenfield Public Library, MA


Last week I interviewed Lisa Prolman, assistant director at the Greenfield Public Library in western Massachusetts. Lisa provided an amazing amount of information on a huge range of subjects. A tech-savvy librarian who is mostly self-taught, Lisa shared, “I have the unfortunate combination of being curious and fearless. My general feeling is click first, see what happens later.”

When communicating with techies takes you to jail


The mayor of San Francisco went to jail recently to retrieve passwords from a techie gone bad. Turns out the techie with the goods was friendly and accomodating, but this is one situation we'd all rather avoid.

DEAL at TechSoup: fund raising software!


Budgets are tight and finding foundations, people, and other organizations interested in funding public libraries takes time. And money. While no panacea, here's one resource that just might help:

Let's talk about it: PC Reservation/Time Management Software Discussion


How do you handle computer reservations and time limits at your library?
A. We don't. First come, first serve. No time limits.
B. We use paper sign-in sheets.
C. We use PC Reservation software.

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