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30-minute webinar: tomorrow!


Last night I returned from a week-long trip to Colorado--a much-needed respite after the craziness leading up to ALA. While in Colorado, I stopped by the John C. Fremont Library in Florence, CO to check in on some new friends who happen to be doing some incredible stuff at their library.

A day in the life of a librarian


 Bobbi Newman, Librarian by Day, sparked interesting conversation and action with her recent blog entry, encouraging librarians to describe a day in their professional life. Lori Reed and others have taken off with this idea and have created a wiki to help track the activities. Some people have already posted a log of their daily activity.

don't just read, LISTEN!


We're super excited to announce the arrival of audio clips to our web site. Now you can read articles about librarians and tech support staff--we call them "Spotlights"--and you can also listen to MaintainIT contributors share their exeriences, too.

ALA report: Library 2.0 Forum


What a trip! As usual, ALA was crazy--so much to do, so many people to see, and of course, lots of great sessions where inspiration and learning made an appearance, which was pretty terrific. One particularly fun session was the WebJunction and MaintainIT Project Library 2.0 Forum, in which librarians were invited to chat in small groups about 2.0 technologies and ideas.

Come see us at ALA!


As usual, ALA will be a busy few days for everyone, including the MaintainIT Project. If you'll be in Anaheim, please stop by and visit us at the TechSoup booth #793, and while you're at it, squeeze in a couple MaintainIT presentations and a WebJunction discussion we're helping facilitate. All are sure to be fun and informative. Check them out!

Taking care of business: Jaketha Farmer


Sometimes we meet someone we need to interview more than once. And sometimes we feel like we could write a book packed with ideas from just one person.

Book Club One = Done!


Thank you to everyone who attended today's first MaintainIT book club. We discussed "Meal Plan 1: Setting Up a Wireless Network" from Recipes for a 5-Star Library. 18 people from around the country participated in the discussion. Topics ranged from basic wireless set-up to filtering to splash pages. 

After the webinar: Wireless reflections


Just attended the 30-minute webinar, "Notes on setting up wireless at your library," featuring Sharon Moreland and Liz Rea from the Northeast Kansas Library System (my old stomping grounds!). I feel the same way I did after the other 30-minute webinars: "Wow! I cannot believe we covered that much in that short amount of time!" I like the quick, practical approach and think it suits the busy life of a librarian well.

tips on time


We're all busy, and there's all sorts of things to keep us even busier, so when I find any tips on saving time, using time, and enjoying time (vs. being overwhelmed by lack of time), I take note. Bobbi Newman, the Digital Services Librarian at the Missouri River Regional Library, keeps a blog worth watching, and recently she posted about how she finds the time to keep up with web 2.0 technology. I particularly liked her first tip...

Share, learn, and do


So you have a Cookbook. You've used it. You have opinions about how it worked for you.


Maybe you haven't used a Cookbook yet. Maybe there's something you want to do, and you'd like to hear how others have done it.

If this describes you, or maybe you're just curious about what in the world I'm talking about, listen in...

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