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board meeting notes that made me smile

I ran across notes from a library's board meeting that made me really happy. Crazy, I know, but stay with me, and you'll see what I mean...

National Gaming Day @ Your Library


Another dispatch from the ever-informative ARSL listserv: ALA's first annual National Gaming Day @ your library is coming up on Nov. 15th this year! 

Not whimsical, but necessary


While not a story about technology, I thought it was worth sharing an article I heard about on the ARSL (Association of Rural and Small Libraries) list. It's about a labor of love, a bookmobile.

MaintainIT has cooked up something special for you!


Tasty Tidbits from the New MaintainIT Cookbook: A Free Webinar!  We're so excited about the new MaintainIT Cookbook, "Planning for Success"! This online resource brings together the most current ideas and best practices for planning, building, and managing your library’s computer technology.

Trick or Treat? Tell Us What You Think!

Tags: It's no trick: if you complete our SHORT survey (3 questions!), you will get a chance to win a tremendous treat! We'll put all your names in our Halloween jack-o'-lantern and give away three of thesALA Card Casee stylish ALA business card cases, plus a couple MaintainIT surprises!

Thinking about Columbus


It's Columbus Day. I probably would have forgotten about the holiday, but while trying to complete my errand list for the day (mail package at post office, return books to library...), I was reminded. To be honest, the Columbus on my mind right now is the Columbus Metropolitan Library, because Helene Blowers works there.

Using Stories in Technology Training: Passion, Purpose and Play

Brenda Hough led a great train-the-trainer webinar today. There were over 60 library trainers online from all over the country, WOW! Great tips were shared about the power of sharing stories: to provide context, encourage engagement, focus on relevance, and put participants at ease. I wanted to share one of the feedback comments, because it was a great summary of what was especially useful to one participant:

Clash of the Libraries


The Public Library of Charlotte-Mecklenburg County (PLCMC) in North Carolina has so many innovative programs and initiatives that I could probably write a book about it. I'll spare you that, however, and just discuss the coolest thing that I learned about from my talk with Kelly Czarnecki at PLCMC.

Where do you find reliable, engaging, talented technology trainers?


This question was asked on publib about a month ago but there weren’t many answers. Please contribute by posting your tips in the comments! Lots of very practical advice for planning, recruitment, selection and supervision of volunteers can be found in one of the MaintainIT Project's free resources, Chapter 3 of the cookbook for Small and Rural Libraries.

Get your game on!


If you've read any articles about gaming, or you've sponsored tournaments at your library, or you've attended a library conference lately, you've likely heard the buzz around gaming in libraries. I LOVE watching librarians giggling and having fun playing Rock Band during conference down-times. At the recent ARSL conference, a certain someone was heard belting out classics while her colleagues accompanied her on drums and guitar (who knew that Margaret Miles--also a member of our steering committee--was such a rocker?).

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