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Libraries Lead the 3D Printing Revolution


Libraries have the power to impact young people in so many ways. But for Matthew Shields, a nine-year-old in Kansas, a library transformed his way of life. Shields was born with only a thumb on his right hand. Thanks to a family friend and his local library, he now has a 3D-printed prosthetic hand with fingers that curl, grasp, and help him perform everyday tasks.   

Upcoming Webinar: Small and Rural Library Media Labs and Makerspaces

Digital media labs and makerspaces aren’t just for large library systems!
On February 26 at 11 AM Pacific time, we'll host a free webinar spotlighting two small libraries that have integrated digital media and makerspace technology into their libraries. Join us to hear their successes, challenges, and lessons learned.

The Library as a Newsroom


As a former tech reporter and current MLIS graduate, the intersection of libraries and journalism fascinates me. Really, the two go together perfectly: journalists seek factual information while libraries provide the resources to find it.

Unlock the Internet with Open Web Collection Development Tools


Developing, curating, and assisting patrons with print and electronic collections are ingrained in the daily work of a librarian. As more patrons turn to web resources for research, what is a librarian's role? One tactic is to build a collection of free or low cost web research tools that meet your community's informational, educational, and recreational needs.

Bridging the Digital Divide? Tell Us About It!

We know libraries have a million great stories, and we want to share your story with the world

TechSoup's Digital Connector Contest

TechSoup is looking for inspirational stories about how our members are using technology to promote digital inclusion.

All you need to do is tell us a little bit about your organization and how you're using TechSoup product donations to promote digital literacy. We'll do all the leg work in regards to story writing and polishing.

The winning story will be promoted through all of TechSoup’s channels, including our Local Impact Map. We will also make the final story available to your organization for your own outreach. If that's not awesome enough, the library or nonprofit with the winning story will win a sweeet Dell tablet.

The Internet Archive: The Digital Library of Alexandria?


The fabled ancient library of Alexandria was one of the great achievements in human history. Its mission was to compile all knowledge in one place. Its greatest fame came when it burned 2,000 years ago.

Ready, Set, Tech: The Edge Initiative Is Officially Here!


Want to make an impact on your library's community with technology?  The Edge Initiative has officially launched, and public libraries across the United States can now apply to participate!

Refurbished Computers Are Gaining Traction in Maine Libraries


Information Technology Exchange (ITE), a charity in Belfast, Maine (near Bangor) operates the PCs for Maine program, which provides refurbished computers to schools, nonprofits, and libraries for use as public access stations. What is unusual is not that this low-cost equipment is available to Maine libraries, but that it is becoming popular. How did this happen?

Attending Any Conferences This Year? Travel Tech Can Help You Stay Organized on the Road













Heading to ALA Midwinter in a few weeks? Having the right tech can help you stay connected even when you're away from the library.

Doing A Quick Tech Plan


Many libraries have part time or accidental techies taking care of their technology. Is it any wonder that proper technology planning is something we have a hard time getting to? The problem is that it takes some tech planning to come up with a budget for the New Year. Here’s some resources for doing quick tech planning so you’ll have some money to work with in 2014.

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