Your Top 5 Library Technology Topics

Ever wonder what your fellow librarians are interested in learning? Here are the top 5 TechSoup webinars your fellow libraries tuned into in 2016.

1. Digital Skills for Older Adults: Teaching Technology in Public Libraries

Does your library offer technology assistance to older adults? Do you teach computer classes for seniors? Watch this free webinar to learn how your library can help older adults learn to use new technologies.

2. Technology Skills for Library Staff: Effective and Engaging Training Programs

Designing an engaging technology training program can help all library staff get up to speed. In this free webinar, you'll learn about two fun and engaging staff technology training programs in public libraries.

3. Coding Clubs: Youth Programming at Public Libraries

You don't have to be an expert in computer science to offer effective educational programs that teach coding skills in your library. Watch this free webinar to hear about two libraries using free coding curricula available from library partners.

4. Instagram for Public Libraries

Instagram makes it easy to broadcast pictures and short videos to a wide audience. But just like any social media tool, it is important to know what works (and what doesn't), so learn from two libraries using Instagram to engage their communities.

5. What Can Libraries Count? Getting a Grip on Social Media Numbers

Learn from Laura Solomon, author of The Librarian's Nitty Gritty Guide to Social Media, to understand what matters most when it comes to social media analytics in public libraries.

What About You?

What tech topics are you interested in? If there are other tech topics you'd like to learn about, let us know in the comments. Happy learning!