Where do you find reliable, engaging, talented technology trainers?

This question was asked on publib about a month ago but there weren’t many answers. Please contribute by posting your tips in the comments! Lots of very practical advice for planning, recruitment, selection and supervision of volunteers can be found in one of the MaintainIT Project's free resources, Chapter 3 of the cookbook for Small and Rural Libraries. You can download the whole book or just the individual chapter. I compiled some sources for finding technology trainers when writing a book last year, The Accidental Technology Trainer: A Guide for Libraries. These include: 

  1. Volunteer Match: Libraries such as Multnomah County, OR have successfully used this site to find volunteers
  2. Recreation departments
  3. Literacy councils
  4. University or community college interns
  5. Local computer-related businesses
  6. Computer clubs
  7. City tech staff
  8. Local volunteer organizations
  9. Retired teachers or librarians (or current)
  10. Other libraries (trade trainers and topics!)
  11. Teens and college students are a really great source for volunteers, and I highlighted a few libraries that have done training programs.  Some schools now require a community service requirement. Check out:

Volunteers can help in lots of ways beyond doing the actual instruction, they can research and write lesson plans, design handouts, support library staff, offer one-on-one customer appointments, design marketing materials, coordinate registration and evaluation processes, and even contact community groups to search for other trainers.

Looking forward to more ideas,

Stephanie Gerding, MaintainIT Contributor