What We're BookMarking this Month: Books for Social Justice, Stuffed Animal Sleepovers, and Keyboards That Are Filthier than Toilets

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Library Link Roundup is a recurring series in which we'll share articles, blog posts, and resources related to library technology, innovative projects, and other news we think will be of interest to our TechSoup for Libraries readers around the world. Enjoy!

March Madness appears to be upon us with fake news, political uncertainties, and Oscar debacles. Never fear, this month the library world is full of fantastic facts, creative events, and inspiring projects to have you march-ing through the month with more spring in your step.

With daily attacks on social justice in the news, Book Riot responds with a list of must-read books about the law and social justice. While the list mainly focuses on United States law, there are several key international selections of note, as well as books for the resistance for younger readers.

Speaking of social justice, Slate's "Working" podcast sits down with librarian Laurie Allen. Listen on for more about Allen's Data Refugee project and work to preserve digital scholarship on climate and environmental science.

Nostalgia abounds at the New York Public Library. They've just digitized over 200,000 images available for free download, with no attribution necessary. You may have to wade through the mundane to get to some hidden treasures, but this is an image resource to bookmark for your historical digital image needs.

And the Oscar goes to … Bloomington, Indiana? Yes, Indiana University Lilly Library's red carpet–worthy rare collection includes many Oscars, including those won by director John Ford.

It may not be quite the same classification system, but BBC Radio shares fascinating facts about libraries using their own version of the Dewey Decimal System. You can also check out their documentary "Late Returns," which should make you feel better about those overdue books of yours.

Stuffed animals just might motivate kids to read. West Orange Public Library in New Jersey hosts "stuffed animal sleepovers" that not only produce some pretty adorable social media pictures but also just may encourage preschool children to read. Turns out, there's research evidence that suggests just that.

According to GuidingTech, keyboards are filthier than toilets, along with some other little-known facts about this computer peripheral. Yes, you might want to wash your hands after you type those emails.

Wars destroyed many libraries in the Gaza Strip, but the beginnings of the first English-language library are underway. Thanks to the efforts of two Gazan friends and the donations of books and money from donors around the world, the Library & Bookshop for Gaza is taking shape despite the challenges of the war-torn region.

"Information is garbage." Sound like a proclamation about the current state of information overload in our technologically connected society? As it happens, TechCrunch notes, this was actually an insightful forecast made back in 1992 that raises some timely perspectives on information management.

North Mankato Public Library patrons brought "food for thought" to the library's edible book festival. Adults and children alike got creative with fun-filled and often pun-filled edible representations of their favorite books. Book appétit!

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