What We're Bookmarking This Month: A New Way to Do E-Book Lending and a Superhero Obstacle Course.

What we're bookmarking this month

Library Link Roundup is a recurring series in which we'll share articles, blog posts, and resources related to library technology, innovative projects, and other news we think will be of interest to our TechSoup for Libraries readers around the world. Enjoy!

Bad Librarian Joke of the Month

Why did the librarians miss the summer cookout?

Answer: They were already booked.

99 Apps for Curriculum and Instruction

With the school year just around the corner, The Tech Edvocate has an app for that! In fact, they have a list of 99 recommended apps for curriculum and instruction, perfect for educators, librarians, parents, and learners alike. Check out their list and hack your learning and teaching.

Do-It-Yourself Immigrant Students' Books

What do you do when children's books miss your story? Why, you write your own. This class of immigrant students put together their own children's books, sharing experiences that are not often reflected in the books they read.

Atlas Obscura's Story Behind the Story

You might remember the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books that allowed readers to select different narrative paths to construct different storylines and endings. Atlas Obscura shares the latest interactive incarnations of these tales with maps revealing the structures behind the stories.

DPLA's New Way to Do E-Book Lending

According to Library Journal's Materials Survey from earlier this year, e-book usage is on the rise. Still, the existence of multiple vendors and proprietary systems has limited access. The nonprofit Digital Public Library of America hopes to change this with the launch of a new e-book lending program, starting with a pilot of several large libraries this fall.

Unconventional Library Policies

Are you a librarian doing it wrong? Angie Miller shares her unconventional library policies and makes the argument for user-centered, not rule-centered libraries.

The Superhero Obstacle Course

Neither the forces of evil nor rain could keep library superheroes away from the Avon branch of the Lorain County Public Library. Their superhero obstacle course attracted many young patrons clad as their favorite superheroes.

Tips on Creating Attractive Twitter Headers

Is your Twitter header looking a little tired? Or maybe nonexistent? Never fear, the Daring Librarian comes to the rescue with tips on creating an attractive Twitter header and a free Twitter collective on Google slides, where you can share your headers and download examples from others.

Using Music for Teaching Early Literacy

Making learning effective and enjoyable can be music to the ears! Cantata Learning's new white paper details the benefits of using music for teaching early literacy, along with suggestions and guidelines for implementing music with your program planning.

The Bruno Mars Parody Song — Library Version

Speaking of music, Orange Public Library staff created a special parody song for National Library Week. You may recognize the tune, but can you also catch all the book references within it?

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