Webinar and Online Conferencing Tools

As Webinar Program Manager for TechSoup Global, I am often asked to provide information and insight about various webinar tools. I wanted to take an opportunity to talk about some tools that I've used, and some that I've just heard about, in the case that your organization is considering providing webinars or online conferencing.

GoToWebinar (from Citrix Online

My first experience using a webinar platform was with GoToWebinar, provided by Citrix Online. One of the major strengths of GoToWebinar is its screen sharing function. A presenter can easily share anything on their computer, be it a slide deck or a website. TechSoup does provide a donation program with Citrix that includes this product.

ReadyTalk Audio and Web Conferencing (from ReadyTalk)  

Since arriving at TechSoup, I have also become very well acquainted with ReadyTalk. This tool is great for both presenting ready-made presentations (you have the ability to load a slide deck into the system before the conference) and having on the fly conversations with people in different locations. TechSoup also provides a donation program with this service.



You may have noticed that TechSoup's Nonprofits Live events have been created using a product called Watchitoo. While I have not used this tool yet, I have heard great things from my colleagues here at TechSoup. Watchitoo allows an attendee to not only hear the presenter, but to see the presenter using video streaming.

More Webinar Tool Info

These three services are by no means the only ones out there, but they are the three that I have been using or hearing about of late. For more information on webinar tools, check out the following pages:

Thinking of providing a webinar? You might also want to take a look at our previous webinar, Step-by-Step to Conducting a Webinar.

Thanks, and happy training!