Watch this Webinar About Wikis

On Wednesday, Techsoup Talks! hosted a webinar called "Collaborate with Wikis" which was recorded and can be accessed here.

I interviewed David Beall from and Beth Duttlinger from Alliance Library System who shared information about their experience creating and using a wiki. We had Sarah Cove from Wikispaces explain what wikis are, how they work, and describe the benefits that organizations discover when they use them. We also had Sarah Manley from Wikia answering chat questions during the webinar.

With nearly 250 participants on the web conference and in Second Life, we had many people excited to get started:

"This was the best conference call because you answered questions as they appeared and the speakers spoke in language that I understood. I now want to set up a wiki for our Children of Promise Workshop."

Others who are already using a wiki found inspiration:

"I have created a wiki for our library to serve our community. The conference provided me with many new ideas for the use of the wiki as well as ideas for improvement. My wiki is hosted by Wikispaces so it was helpful to hear from the Wikispaces representative."

This webinar, along with 60 other recorded webinars, can be found in our webinar library. If you use a wiki and want to share your story, or have questions about wikis, post them to our community forum.