two loooong days (part one)

Yesterday we visited two libraries in two sweet towns and topped it off with the fundraiser for the Humboldt County Library. Today is much the same--we're traveling to Mendocino county to visit two libraries, and then we head back to San Francisco. The phone just woke us all up before our alarm, and I tumbled around, trying to find a way to make it stop. It was the front desk at our hotel, telling us the bookmobile was about to be towed, due to the farmer's market setting up in the square. What a rude awakening, and what kind of person would tow a bookmobile???

Apparently the dude in his tow truck would, parked next to the 'mobile. Lucky for us, James redeemed himself (he was the one who locked the keys in the ignition) by racing outside, keys in hand, and an attitude ready to fight. Bookmobile karma shined on us, and we're gearing up for our next libraries. More soon.