Twitter, how you've changed... me.

I was a Twitter skeptic, and then a Twitter admirer, and I admit I'm at times bored by what some reveal in 140 characters, but I still continue to discover greatness, especially from libraries that use Twitter.

One of my favorite libraries who tweet is @oakgrovelibrary, from the Oak Grove Library in Hattiesburg, MS. Their mix of humor and library promotion puts a smile on my face nearly every day. Here are some favorite tweets:

We apologize. We are out of creamer for the coffee, but you can still check out books and use our free WIFI!

If you don't use our FREE WIFI and check out our books and movies, who will?

Why are you not at our Scrabble club tonight? We have food, tons of food, and SCRABBLE!

a few reasons why you should join our food group -

There's a personality behind @oakgrovelibrary's tweets, not just a staid, mechanical promo blurb about an upcoming program. The tweets are both informative and engaging, which is likely why they have 250 followers! 

Today, while I was reading @colleenrobledo's twitter feed (she's a Systems Librarian at California State Fullerton Library), I noticed her using the hashtag #TwitterBook. She was dropping some really smart tips about using Twitter which caught my eye, but I didn't know what she was referencing with her hashtag. I searched on the tag, and learned that participants of a recent Tim O'Reilly webinar on the topic of Twitter were all using this hashtag to connect and collect their tweets. Here are a few of her tweets: 

Twitter Power Tips: Posting items of interest to your customers (industry/competitors) more value than just news about you. #TwitterBook

Twitter Power Tips: Companies [read: libraries] should start small. 5 mins per day for 3 weeks. Scale up as needed. #TwitterBook

Twitter Power Tools: More important to follow small group of people you really pay attention to than a huge group #TwitterBook

Twitter Power Tips: If want other people to see the message, don't start it with the @ symbol. Reference it further in Tweet. #TwitterBook

Power Twitter Tips: Non-Profits who Twitter ought to follow @Kanter #TwitterBook
[personal shout out for Beth Kanter, who's a savvy, big thinker and a contributor to TechSoup [@TechSoup]. Librarians can learn from her, too, so follow her on Twitter!]

I love how @colleenrobledo used the phrase, "Twitter Power Tools/Tips" to introduce and unify her tweets. Super smart. And if you want other perspectives, just search #TwitterBook and you'll learn from and possibly connect to other tweeters!

So here I sit, admiring how libraries use Twitter, and intending on incorporating their smart ideas in @MaintainIT...