To Market, To Zoo: The Wonderful Things Librarians Will Do

During Wednesday's e-reader webinar, we discussed the recent Pew study "Libraries, patrons, and e-books", which discovered that 48% of all owners of e-book reading devices such as original Kindles and NOOKs say they do not know if their library lends e-books. This led to the question, if that many people don't know that some libraries provide e-books, then doesn't it seem likely that at least that percentage probably don't realize there are libraries providing e-reader learning assistance? The response to this challenge? Outreach!

Amber Slaven, with the King County Library System (WA), talked about taking e-readers to the local farmers' market. This gave people a chance to see them and ask questions. Diana Weaver, with the Basehor Community Library (KS), took the Basehor library's e-readers to the community dairy days, as a "petting zoo" encouraging people to touch them.


Unfortunately, in Australia you cannot acces library ebooks with a Kindle.  This has left alot of us out in the cold.  Last I heard, negotiations were in progress with Amazon.  Then again, my local library only has 1200 ebooks at the moment.


Laura Clark

Central Coast, Australia