The TechSoup for Libraries Stories You Loved in 2017

The TechSoup for Libraries Stories You Loved in 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, and the holiday season is upon us, let's take a look back at what you all loved (or really didn't love) in the past year.

It's no surprise that security was a BIG deal this past year! Companies such as Equifax, Chipotle, and major hotel chains all suffered some sort of data breach in 2017. As you all closely monitored your own security, many of you seemed especially interested in Protecting Patron Privacy in Public Libraries, joining one of our webinars, and keeping apprised of the possible issues and threats.

Not unlike many nonprofits, libraries are facing a growing need to continue to attract new and returning visitors. A new generation of millennials (ages 20 – 35) may be just the right audience. They are drawn to the digital library landscape and account for the majority of visits to library websites. Gaining a better understanding of where and how this audience can be reached (hint: social media) sparked the curiosity of a number of our subscribers. You tuned in to learn more about social media strategy and how it relates to Shifting Perceptions of Libraries.

As the weather cools down, and the snow begins to fall in many parts of the country, it's important to maintain a giving spirit and to practice compassion. One unfortunate issue that begins to arise this time of year is the increase of homeless patrons seeking shelter. Every library may deal with this differently, but here at TechSoup we'd like to take a step back from technology just for a moment to focus on a major concern for many of you: Homeless Patrons and the Golden Rule

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