TechSoup's DigiToolbox for Digital Story-Making

Here at TechSoup, we're big on stories because we believe they can change lives. That's why we've created a month-long global campaign built around the transformative power of storytelling, uniquely customized to the nonprofits, libraries, and social benefit organizations we serve. Have you heard of the TechSoup Digital Storytelling Challenge?

Are You Up for the Challenge?

TechSoup's Digital Storytelling Challenge is an annual campaign open to local and international participants and groups, combining instruction and friendly competition into a hands-on, media-making project. This year, the entire month of April will be dedicated to providing nonprofits and libraries the training, resources, and inspiration needed to help bring their causes into focus through digital story-making. 

2012 First Place Photo by FitnessForAfrica

To Help You Get Started

OK, so not all of us are destined for Academy Award greatness. And that's fine. TechSoup has designed the challenge to meet first-time and amateur storytellers wherever they are on their journey toward story creation, with the belief that if given the proper menu of manageable tools and instruction, anyone can tell a moving story.

AleIn the weeks leading up to the challenge, follow me, Ale Bezdikian, as I navigate through the dynamic space of digital media creation by testing and reporting back on how to effectively use a wide variety of some of the coolest technology platforms and products out there.

Follow along as I experiment with hot apps like Vine and Cinemagram, storytelling platforms like Zeega, and online editing solutions like WeVideo, while I travel on my own journey to present an arsenal of reasonable options for you to choose from in submitting a digital story of your own.

Here's to bringing your cause into focus!

Alexandra Bezdikian, Online Community Coordinator, TechSoup Global