TechSoup Registration and Eligibility Tutorials

Are you working at a public library or a nonprofit interested in receiving TechSoup product donations and discounts, and are wondering how to get started? We're happy to announce that we now have three short videos designed to guide you through TechSoup's process of registration and eligibility.

The three videos, available on the TechSoup YouTube page:

In the TechSoup Eligibility Tutorial, you will find out where to go to check eligibility, what the best practices are for checking eligibility, and what you need to know before taking the TechSoup eligibility quiz.

In the TechSoup Registration Process video, you will learn how to create an individual member account on, and how to register an organization.

Finally, in the TechSoup Registration for Non-501(c)(3) Public Libraries video, you will learn about the registration processes in relation to non-501(c)(3) public libraries.

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