TechSoup Product Donations That Our Library Members Like Best

From time to time, we like to check to see what product donations public libraries particularly like among the more than 400 offerings on TechSoup. We thought you might like to know what your colleagues are interested in.

Hidden Gems for Libraries


From reading programs to language dictionaries, these products are especially popular among our library members. There might be something on this list you haven't yet considered for your library!

HorizonDataSys Restore Software for Public Access Computers

HorizonDataSys offers TechSoup donated products that are very popular among libraries. Drive Vaccine is automated system restore software that reverts Windows-based PCs to a previous state on a specified schedule. The software is expressly designed for use on public access computers. RollBack Rx Professional does something similar in that it allows users to revert PCs to any previous snapshot of an entire hard drive if the PCs become unstable because of a virus, malware, or other problems. It also allows libraries to restore and retrieve files from crashed PCs that cannot boot to Windows at all. It is designed to protect all library computers and also safely test new software installations.

The TechSoup admin fee is $25 for Drive Vaccine for five user licenses, and $40 for RollBack Rx Professional (also for five user licenses).

Reading Eggs Interactive Literacy for Kids

Reading Eggs is a relatively little-known donation product on TechSoup, although our library members are discovering it. It helps young people increase their literacy through an interactive online program. Reading Eggs is especially useful to children with learning disabilities because it includes animations, games, songs, and rewards to motivate children to move forward in their literacy journey. It also has diagnostics so that children get personalized instruction at their appropriate reading level. This product works well on mobile devices, so we're interested in seeing how libraries will pair tablets (available from our RCI program and our JourneyEd program — right now JourneyEd has Lenovo tablets for $49!) with Reading Eggs.

The TechSoup admin Fee for Reading Eggs is $50 per year for 10 user licenses.

Ultralingua Language Dictionaries and Bytes of Learning Typing Tutor

Libraries are also discovering these other software offers:

  • Ultralingua translation dictionary software in several languages ($7 admin fee per license), and
  • Bytes of Learning UltraKey keyboarding instruction software ($15 admin fee for five licenses)

Classic Library Favorites


These bigger name products are popular with both libraries and other nonprofits TechSoup serves.

Microsoft Office and Windows

Not surprisingly, Microsoft Office and Windows are the products most requested by libraries, especially since the recent launches of Office 2016 and Window 10. PCs with Windows still account for 90 percent of computers around the world, so it makes sense that library offices and public access computers would benefit from the latest versions.

TechSoup admin fees for the latest version of Microsoft Office Standard are $29 per license, and for Microsoft Office Professional Plus are $40 per license.

Your library may be eligible for a free Windows 10 upgrade from Microsoft until July 29, 2016. If it isn't eligible, TechSoup admin fees for Windows 10 upgrade licenses are $15.

Symantec Security Software

Symantec Security software is also very popular among libraries for protection against viruses, spyware, and other security risks on PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets.

There are multiple versions of Symantec security software. TechSoup admin fees range from $4 per license for Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business to $48 per year for 20 licenses of Norton Small Business.

TechSoup's Refurbished Computers

Warrantied refurbished laptops, desktops, and tablets from TechSoup's Refurbished Computer Initiative (RCI) have been popular in libraries for quite a while. They are especially useful for public access computers because the RCI equipment is both low cost and tough because it is commercial grade. Check out our posts on Leaner Library Loaner Laptops and How Waukesha Library Revamped Its Public Access Computers to see how libraries are using this equipment.

TechSoup admin fees for RCI refurbished desktop computers start at $160 and for laptops, at $186 each.

We would love to hear what TechSoup donations you're finding most useful, and also what donations you'd like to see on TechSoup.

Image 1: San Jose Library / CC: BY-SA 2.0 

Image 2: Zion-Benton Library