Technology at your fingertips.

My traveling cohorts, James and Shinjoung, are tech savvy librarians who love sharing tips with other fellow librarians. On Friday, they got their chance at the Orland Free Library.

First off, when some teen patrons were unable to hear the YouTube videos they were watching on the public computers, Shinjoung and James started troubleshooting, and found that the one computer using Mozilla Firefox played the audio, no problem. They talked to Marilyn Cochran, the Director of the library, and she agreed that installing Firefox on the remaining computers was the way to go. After finding the admin password, they successfully installed Firefox, and Margarita, a staff member at the library, exclaimed joyfully to the patrons, “it’s your lucky day!”

new blog!new blog!

Later, Shinjoung talked to the librarians about blogs, and when asked if they were interested in creating one, they enthusiastically agreed that having a blog for their library was a great idea. Using the library’s wi-fi network on the lawn near the bookmobile, they set up a Wordpress blog lickety split. After choosing a snazzy template and crafting a post about the first Friday they’ve been open in years, their blog was born amidst excitement and anticipation of future posts to come. What fun! Watching them jump into web 2.0 was a perfect end to our day. Check out their blog and leave a comment!

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