Tech Training Resources

Thanks to everyone who attended today's "Better Together: Tech Trainers Sharing Expertise" webinar. A special thanks to everyone who shared resources and ideas.If you missed the webinar, but are interested in tech training, you'll definitely want to check out the recording and the resources!

I'm including resources that Stephanie and I mentioned and also resources that were mentioned by attendees.

Where can you find good training materials?

For a little "spice" try...

Where can you find information on how to be a better trainer?

Where can you connect with other trainers?

Organizations and Additional Resources

Today's webinar was part of a series of webinars exploring the Edge benchmarks. Learn more at Library Edge.


There are a lot of online programs out there for advanced technical training.  More and more every day.  One that I can recommend is The Alliance Plus for many different IT certification options, but this article does a great job laying out a lot of options.  Great job.