Tech support is sometimes just a patron away

Each day, I've used the public computers at the libraries we visit, and at the Madelyn Helling Library, when I attempted to plug in my MP3 player/flash drive, I experienced difficulties fitting it in to the Dell desktop computer's USB port (my computer was named Zeppo). The port was situated at an angle and designed for a smaller device. Try as I may, I couldn't make it work.

Nevada County LibraryNevada County Library

The fellow next to me (sitting at Harpo) noticed my struggles, and kindly offered some help. He hadn't ever seen a flash drive like the one I was using, but was quick to ask if perhaps there were more ports on the back of the desktop. Indeed there were! He offered his corner computer to me, as it was easier to reach the back of the machine, and then we started to chat about what I was doing in his town. I explained to him about the project and showed him the flyers I was making for the Internet Archive bookmobile. I invited him to come outside and learn how to make a book. Chris and I stood in the blistering sunshine and chatted about the bookmobile, and as he left, he shook my hand and wished us well.

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