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Loren MccRory, Director of the Yuba County Library in Marysville, CA, is a frequent contributor to the MaintainIT Project. She has shared her experiences in the Cookbooks, she was highlighted in a Library Spotlight, and she guest blogs for the project.

Technology and Communication (Part II): Techie to Non-Techie

As promised last week, we've got more quotes and advice on the communications conundrum. This time, we've got some advice for library tech gurus who occasionally have to struggle to make themselves understood. Following are some ideas from librarians and library techies across the country. Look for these quotes, along with other tips and techniques in the next Cookbook!
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Tales from Yuba County Library: web sites, victories, and other fun stuff

I just came out of a meeting with our Tech Department Director and am finished with my victory lap around the library. I thought it might make a good blog to mention a small success (that's taken 3 years) for the library's web presence. I mentioned before that the attitude from IT in the recent past has been "it's just a government website" and that we were limited by incredibly strict formatting templates.

Web 2.0, techies, and the lure of creativity, from Yuba County Library

[Welcome Loren MccRory, our latest Guest Blogger! --sarah]
Today I was thinking about tech support and the "off the shelf" vs. "programming" dilemma that comes up from time to time in strategic planning brainstorming sessions with IT staff.

front line staff, improving the process

Loren MccRory, the director of Yuba County Library in Marysville, CA, recently shared her thoughts on how she and her staff have improved communication between the library and their county tech staff. She had so many good ideas, that we decided to write a Feature on her, due to be published before the end of the month (to read other Features, look here).