What's cooking at the library?

Last week’s Big Talk from Small Libraries online conference was organized and hosted by Michael Sauers, Laura Johnson, and Christa Burns of the Nebraska Library Commission and was co-sponsored by the Association for Rural & Small Libraries. It was jam packed with good sessions, delivered by people who work in small libraries. One of my favorites was a lightning round (10 minute) session called “Kitchen Creations at the Library”, presented by Lee Schauer, who is the director at the Rock Springs Public Library (WI).

Social Networks and Marketing: the Lester Public Library Experience

I was hired for my first-time directorship at the Lester Public Library (LPL), Two Rivers, Wisconsin in March of 2007.  Becoming a part of this rural community of roughly 12,500 people driven by agriculture and manufacturing on the shores of Lake Michigan was going to be a challenge.  I wanted to have an active role in the community, sooner rather than later. To my delight, social networking helped me achieve this goal, quicker than I had ever envisioned.