Wireless Beyond the Building: Mobile Beacon

Most libraries now offer wireless Internet access within the building, so visitors can use their own devices to get online. Some libraries are going beyond that and are providing wireless access outside of the library, too (and I don’t just mean in the parking lot after hours). If you’re intrigued, read on! And check out the Mobile Beacon donation program at TechSoup.

Share, learn, and do

So you have a Cookbook. You've used it. You have opinions about how it worked for you.


Maybe you haven't used a Cookbook yet. Maybe there's something you want to do, and you'd like to hear how others have done it.

If this describes you, or maybe you're just curious about what in the world I'm talking about, listen in...

Advertise your wi-fi!

Terrific idea from the ever-informative WIRED-MT listserv about how to advertise wi-fi services at your library:

"Often, libraries may provide the only wireless access in town. If you provide wifi, you can list your library in one or more WiFi directories. This makes people aware of a very valuable service you provide that may be somewhat hidden. Additionally, these directories are handy for you and your patrons when trying to find wifi access.

Here is a list of a few sites you can list in for free.

FREE webinar today: wireless and acceptable use policies

Do you have wireless, want wireless, or feel like you could better explain the ins and outs of wireless usage to your patrons?

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Learning about technology: how do you do it?

In a recent comment to our latest poll, Dave Jackson offered his thoughts on his favorite tools (or lack thereof) for learning:

wireless checklist: revisited and reprinted!

If you haven't yet seen Louise Alcorn's wireless checklist, check it out now, and please... steal it! If you have a copy of the December issue of American Libraries magazine, it's reprinted on page 29.

And hip, hip, hooray that Louise's wise words can reach more people! Louise is a marvel, and we're always happy to share her thoughts, and pleased as punch that American Libraries thought so too. Nice work, Louise!