West Des Moines Public Library

Steal this wireless policy checklist

Use this "Quick Look" checklist to make sure you’re covering your bases when it comes to crafting a wireless policy for your library. For more information on wireless policies, check out an earlier post on the topic.

Now that you have wireless, how about a policy?

Recently I wrote a post about marketing your wireless service. It sparked a number of excellent comments, including some questions on policy. I decided they were worth answering in a longer form, including some helpful tips cribbed from my book on Wireless Networking for Libraries which I thought would be helpful.

Shhh! It's a secret.

“Yeah, we have wireless at our library…but we don’t tell anyone about it!” When I began looking at wireless for my library, I heard this more than once from other libraries. I found this very odd. If you had a new storytime format or some new DVDs, would you keep them a secret? What is it about wireless, or wi-fi, that has some libraries so scared? Is it that the technology is so new and/or difficult? Well, we’ve been providing some sort of Internet access at most libraries for some years now and technically wireless is simply another way to provide that access.

The straight story on wireless@your library, from Louise Alcorn

I'm happy to announce that Louise Alcorn, Reference Technology Librarian at the West Des Moines (IA) Public Library and author of Wireless Networking: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians (Neal-Schuman, 2006) has graciously offered to share her know-how on this blog!