Upcoming TechSoup webinar on creating Flash video

Are you interested in learning more about video production at your library? If so, read on!

Using video for marketing, or inviting teens to use video for programs, or including video clips in slide presentations is an emerging way to tell your library's story. If you're interested in knowing more about the power of video, please attend a free TechSoup webinar:

Total cost of ownership: it all comes down to free kittens

Does the term "total cost of ownership" cause fear or perhaps flight? How about cute n' cuddly free kitties? If you're running toward one and running away from the other, read on. They're not as different as you may think.

Do you have a mobile lab?

To prepare for a webinar in December, I'm trying to gather information about the experiences libraries have had with creating, maintaining, and using mobile labs (webinar info here - http://tinyurl.com/5t2zne ). If you have created a mobile lab, would you answer a few questions for me?

National Gaming Day @ Your Library

Another dispatch from the ever-informative ARSL listserv: ALA's first annual National Gaming Day @ your library is coming up on Nov. 15th this year! 

In an effort to:

Webinar Recap: You need to watch this archive! Public Computers and 2.0 Tools

Wow, Robin and Brenda did such a great job in today’s webinar. Robin Hastings from the Missouri River Regional Library provided interesting insider information on how her library has opened up two way communication and sharing with their community using 2.0 tools. As Robin said, “If it is a social media site where our patrons are, that is where we are.” How fantastic!

Here is one slide with some great tips to get your library connecting to patrons online:

Techies and Non-techies: We know we need each other!

I have to admit, after listening to the Aug. 13th 30-Minute MaintainIT Webinar, the Gershwin song "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" kept going through my mind. No, not because I wanted to break up with MaintainIT (we have such a great relationship!), but because of the title, "I say tomayto, you say tomahto: Communicating with techies and non-techies: Can’t we all just get along?"

WEBINAR tomorrow and NEW content!

When a computer breaks down, do you have problems communicating your issue to a techie? When you're trying to convey a technology concept to an end user, do you struggle to make clear your point? Do you feel sometimes like techies and non-techies speak diifferent languages?