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Unlock the Internet with Open Web Collection Development Tools

Developing, curating, and assisting patrons with print and electronic collections are ingrained in the daily work of a librarian. As more patrons turn to web resources for research, what is a librarian's role? One tactic is to build a collection of free or low cost web research tools that meet your community's informational, educational, and recreational needs.

Can you future-proof your library?

This was a question that Micheal Krasny, host of the Forum on NPR's affiliate in San Franciso asked of his guests yesterday in an hour-long program called "The Future of Libraries."

Web 2.0... for your patrons!

An interesting thread on publib last week covered a discussion around web 2.0 and how it's used in libraries. I think Sara Weissman from the Morris County Library (NJ) said it best when she mused, "What are the patrons getting out of any/all of this?" Sara continued, "the most effective channels to/for our patrons, to date, are an events listserv (995 subscribers, no postage!) and electronic reference via good-ole web form/e-mail."

A bookmobile is to web 2.0 as...

Ok, so you've heard the noise about web 2.0, and you've likely heard all the hype, the jargon, and the hullabalo about this fancy new technology with the name that tends to emcompass all that's hot, trendsetting, and must-do-now about the web. But have you heard it described using words librarians know and love?


tips on time

We're all busy, and there's all sorts of things to keep us even busier, so when I find any tips on saving time, using time, and enjoying time (vs. being overwhelmed by lack of time), I take note. Bobbi Newman, the Digital Services Librarian at the Missouri River Regional Library, keeps a blog worth watching, and recently she posted about how she finds the time to keep up with web 2.0 technology. I particularly liked her first tip...

Web 2.0, techies, and the lure of creativity, from Yuba County Library

[Welcome Loren MccRory, our latest Guest Blogger! --sarah]
Today I was thinking about tech support and the "off the shelf" vs. "programming" dilemma that comes up from time to time in strategic planning brainstorming sessions with IT staff.

Library Twitter?

Don’t hate me because I’m not a big fan of Twitter. I have friends who use it and I’ve followed bloggers who swear by the coolness of it, and I haven’t yet determined a reason to join the bandwagon. Until today.