San Francisco Public Libraries and Nonprofits: TechSoup wants to volunteer for you!

TechSoup staff are giving away a full day of volunteer time on October 20 to six lucky San Francisco public libraries or nonprofits.

This contest ends October 14, so get your entry in now! Good luck & we look forward to your submissions!


GiftWorks Free Fall Webinar Series: First Things First

TechSoup's donor partner GiftWorks is offering First Things First - a series of free webinars covering topics like effective communication, branding, one-on-one fundraising, leveraging volunteers, and technology strategies.

Moving Together: A volunteer partnership is a true win-win

60,000 books.
46 full-sized chairs, desks, tables and shelves.
12 large stacks.
10 full and part-time staff.
8 public access computers.
5 staff offices.

60% less floor space.

Tourists, Travelers, and Snowbirds: Empowering Community Leaders to Navigate Broadband

BTOP grants represent a huge opportunity for public libraries and other institutions to redouble the broadband access that they can offer their communities. But of course, with that access means more need for educating and supporting broadband users. For many of the public libraries and community centers I've talked to, how to match that increased access with appropriate staffing remains an open question.

Volunteer-Powered Computer Classes

I coordinate the NetMaster program for the King County Library System. NetMasters are volunteer computer instructors who lead classes in the community libraries based on existing curriculum. Potential volunteers apply via our website and I contact them for orientation and training—this process is manageable, but does keep me pretty busy. Here is how it goes: