Thin Clients: a "blessing" for a small library

In 2008, the La Conner Regional Library was looking at replacing its old public computers.  At least one crashed on a daily basis, only some of the drives worked and they were a pain since we have no onsite IT people. 

5 1/2 Things I Learned While Writing the Cookbooks (Part 1):

I gave a short presentation recently on the 5½ Big Lessons that I learned while assembling, writing and editing the MaintainIT Cookbooks. Needless to say, I borrowed these insights from the hundreds of knowledgeable, hard-working librarians we interviewed over the past three years. Each lesson deserves some eleboration, so I’m going to write about each as a separate post over the next few weeks.

"VMWare is a Godsend"

I interviewed Monique Sendze of Johnson County Library for our third Cookbook last year and this excerpt stood out for me because I agree so strongly with her argument (virtualization can save you time and money) and because she makes the case so enthusiastically.  

Do you use thin clients at your library?

Here at TechSoup, we've been talking quite a bit about the benefits of using thin clients at libraries and public labs.