Create dynamic and interactive virtual meetings and training

Leaving the “real” world for the virtual world is scary and when I began exploring training in a virtual environment, I was concerned that I would lose the ability to connect with my colleagues. I feared that if I couldn’t see the people who were in the training room with me, I wouldn’t know if they were paying attention. I also knew I’d miss the chitchat of catching up after not seeing people for months at a time. Now I have adapted to the virtual world of training and I’ve found ways to create dynamic and interactive virtual meetings and trainings.

empty pockets? go to an online conference!

Conferences are expensive to run and to attend, and those costs keep many of us at home, wishing we had the funds to travel away from our desks. But with new technologies cropping up daily, low-cost alternatives are surfacing that make learning from the experts a little easier on the pocketbook.

Environmentalism is a grassroots movement

TechSoup's GreenTech Initiative promotes tips and resources from the library and nonprofit community to help your organization reduce your impact on the environment. The GreenTech folks do amazing work--check out the GreenTech page to see all of the resources they provide. From small steps to big ones, free tools, and resources that require a minimal investment, you'll find what you need to be kinder to the Earth without breaking the bank.