The 3 Most Common Social Media Challenges for Libraries and How to Overcome Them

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Not enough time to post on social media? Unsure of who to delegate your social media tasks to at your library? Don't worry, you're far from alone — and we have the data to prove it.

Free Learners Guide on Social Media for Libraries

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TechSoup and WebJunction got together last fall to present an excellent webinar series on libraries and social media. Our intent was to help you develop your library's social media strategy. We wanted to demystify the best practices in social media so you could keep patrons and library staff engaged, develop measurable goals, and cultivate new readers and learners.

Twitter's Most Useful New Features for Nonprofits and Libraries

This blog originally appeared on the TechSoup blog. Libraries can use many of these new features as well so we wanted to share it with the TechSoup for Libraries community. Please let us know in the comments if you've used any of these new features or if your library finds Twitter useful.   

Twitter has had a very interesting year. The social media company changed CEOs, going back to its roots and naming co-creator Jack Dorsey to the executive role. It also made some new acquisitions, went throughlayoffs, supported influential movements (such as #BlackLivesMatter and #RefugeesWelcome), and rolled out some new features.

While there was a lot happening this year, these new features are important to address. Many of them are targeted toward making the platform even more accessible for new users, an area where Twitter is struggling. But a few of these new features and enhancements are quite useful for nonprofits, public libraries, and other social good organizations. Let's take a look at the gifts Twitter gave us this year.

Avoid Social Stagnation! Get Your Whole Staff Involved in Social Media

Are you having fun and being creative on social media, or do you feel like you're just tweeting and posting the same things over and over? Maybe your library's social media presence is stagnating. Here's how to break out of that rut.

Today's TechSoup Guest Tweeter: Librarian Crystal Schimpf!

Did you know @TechSoup invites organizations to take over our Twitterstream on Thursdays? Today's tweeter is Crystal Schimpf, a librarian and technology trainer from Colorado State Library's Public Computer Center! She works with libraries to coordinate technology instruction, design curriculum, and provide staff training.

Free Event: "My First Server" TweetChat with TechSoup and Dell

With an overwhelming amount of information and technology to manage these days, there comes the point when organizations and small to medium size businesses should ask, when does it make sense to have an on-site server?

TechSoup's New Social Media Curriculum

TechSoup's new Social Media Curriculum is a great site to check out if you are trying to catch up with the most used social media tools, looking for a great tool for training purposes, or wanting an easy way to educate newbies. It also has some great ideas for using these technologies to build your community connections including tons of tips, videos, and links

Twitter Webinar Archive Available

The TechSoup Talks webinar, Around the Twitter World in 60 Minutes, was fantastic! Allen Gunn, Executive Director of Aspiration, is such a polished and experienced presenter. It was a joy to learn from him. He covered all the basics and best practices, from definitions to core concepts and tools and techniques to leverage Twitter's strengths.

Upcoming Webinar: Around the Twitter World in 60 Minutes

March 16, 2010, 11 a.m. Pacific time
Register: online

Twitter has claimed its place on the short list of communications tools for nonprofits and libraries to consider when designing online strategies. This webinar will survey the Twitter landscape, explaining core concepts, enumerating best practices, and describing the tools and tactics that exist to leverage Twitter's strengths.