Turning the Page

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Become your library's strongest advocate when you register for the free online Turning the Page 2.0 advocacy training course. This six-week blended learning program is led by professional facilitators who teach valuable advocacy skills and lead you through the creation of a customized Advocacy Work Plan for your library.

Helping libraries advocate: the LibrariUS Project

Recently, I had the great pleasure of talking to Annie Anderson of the LibrariUS project, a collaborative effort of American Public Media's Public Insight Network, ALA, and PLA. The LibrariUS Project is a noble endeavor to promote local stories about libraries in the media and to provide libraries with local content--feedback--about how their libraries are being used. Libraries can use these stories to bolster their advocacy efforts, to complement usage data, and to augment or modify services.

Offering more for less

We all understand the concept of offering more for less--for many of us it is a daily reality. Whle I often hear stories from public libraries in the US, yesterday I had an opporutnity to hear ideas on this topic from library representatives and support organizations that span the globe.