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the accidental technology trainer series

Answering Your Online Training Questions


Hundreds of people attended our webinar, Training an Invisible Audience: Delivering Effective Webinars, and while we responded to a lot of the questions asked during the presentation, we didn't get to all of them. We had such an interactive group-- it was really fantastic. Following are questions asked in the chat. Please ask other questions in the comments below, and we'll be sure to answer them.

Planning Technology Workshops: Save Time, Lower Stress, and Increase Success


When planning technology workshops, how do you decide what to cover? How can you make sure you don't go over your alloted time? How can you ensure your participants really learn? It can be frustrating to realize you could spend a week teaching an introductory Internet lesson, but you only have an hour. Using a Workshop Plan can help you prioritize and organize your training. Identifying learning objectives and breaking your content into 15-20 minute modules will help ensure your participants have an optimal learning experience.

Beyond Lecture: Training Delivery Methods


Listening to a lecture isn't the best way for anyone to learn. So how can you add some zip to your technology training?

Workshop Activities to Increase Learning and Retention: Part 1


We had amazing engagement from everyone involved in our webinar today, Designing and Delivering Technology Workshops. Some participants asked if we'd share more about our favorite activities to increase learning and rentention. We are going to do a couple of blog posts around this topic, since we have a lot of ideas! Share yours in the comments and we will incorporate them into our next blog post.  

Staff and Public Technology Training Programs


These excellent examples of library training programs can help you design innovative workshops and plan for training. Some of these were devised for staff training purposes but could be easily adapted for public training, or vice versa. If you need specific lesson plans, handouts, or PowerPoints, read this post for library and nonprofit websites that share their materials for free. If your library has a technology training program or if you know of other great examples, please share in the comments.

Need help designing and delivering technology workshops?


Well, TechSoup has a free webinar for you. It seems like it doesn't matter who we talk to--librarians, nonprofits--folks need help with training, and specifically, training about technology.

Fabulous Free Public Technology Training Materials


These libraries and organizations have developed noteworthy Technology Training programs for the public and have made their free technology training materials available for to other libraries and nonprofts through their websites. Please comment on this post if you know of other great examples!

Technology Training Skills


Successful technology training has less to do with technical knowledge than with other abilities such as communication skills, patience, interpersonal skills, flexibility, and empathy towards learners struggling with new technologies. It is more useful to know how to train than to just have technical expertise. Keeping it simple and relevant is often the most important thing you can do.

TechSoup's The Accidental Technology Trainer Series


Welcome to our new blog series, The Accidental Technology Trainer. Many libraries and nonprofits are telling us that technology training is a major community need, and sometimes there are struggles in providing this service. Often trainers find themselves in this role accidentally. I did! But I soon discovered that I really enjoy helping others learn about technology.  

In this blog series, I’ll share training tools and techniques, solutions to the most common concerns of technology trainers, and helpful advice from many years of coordinating and providing training.

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