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TechSoup's Donation Programs Continue to Grow

In the past year, ten new technology companies have joined the roster of TechSoup donors. From smartphones to wireless headsets to postage scales to mobile hotspots to online project management tools, the TechSoup catalog continues to grow and evolve. Since we launched our donation program in 2002, TechSoup has saved public libraries and nonprofits around the world over $3 billion dollars in IT expenses.

Stock Up on Symantec in TechSoup Limited

Norton AntiVirus 2011 was's Editors' Choice for antivirus. Now you can get the 2011 versions of both Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security in TechSoup Limited.

Today and Tomorrow: Grantstation Offer

Boost your fundraising efforts with valuable grant-finding tools! On January 24 and 25, 2012, get GrantStation for only $99 — a $160 savings. Identify private and government grantmakers with GrantStation's online database, and use the tutorials to secure funding. Already have a GrantStation membership? Add another year during this two-day offer.

Coming Soon: Boost Fundraising with GrantStation

Mark your calendars! On January 24 and 25, 2012, get a one-year membership to GrantStation for only $99 — a $160 discount off the regular admin fee. Identify thousands of private and government grantmakers with GrantStation's online database and use the step-by-step tutorials to secure funding. Already have a GrantStation membership? Add another year during this two-day offer.

Learn about the Microsoft Donation Program

Interested in learning about TechSoup's Microsoft Software Donation Program and the recent updates? We have new Microsoft Donation Program short tutorials that include five short videos (around 3 to 5 minutes each) which cover key information regarding the Microsoft Software Donation Program.

Upcoming Webinar: FluidSurveys Demo

Trying to find a tool that allows you to create great, flexible surveys for your organization? Check out the upcoming webinar, FluidSurveys Demo for TechSoup, on Tuesday, September 20, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time.

Since FluidSurveys is a recent addition to TechSoup's catalog of donated products, so we asked them if they'd do a live walk-through of their tool as a special introduction for our nonprofit and library audience.

Good News! Updates to the Microsoft Software Donation Program

The Microsoft Software Donation Program for public libraries and nonprofits is one of TechSoup's most popular resources. Since 1998, Microsoft has donated more than $3.9 billion worth of software to libraries and nonprofit organizations in more than 100 countries worldwide. And starting today, Microsoft is updating its software donations program to make it even easier for your library to get the Microsoft products you need, when you need them!

TechSoup Product Donations Available in Spanish

To help serve your Spanish-speaking community, TechSoup offers many software donation products in Spanish. Check out Patrick's blog post, Tech Tools to Benefit the Spanish-Language Community, to learn more about these options, which include:

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