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New TechSoup Tech Support Services for Libraries

TechSoup Services

If your library is a bit thin on tech support, TechSoup has launched four new services for budget-constrained organizations. TechSoup Services now offers libraries anywhere in the U.S. quick help-desk support, ongoing IT maintenance, cloud implementation help, and free referrals to trusted technology consulting firms.

Techies behind the circ desk: a good thing!

I've never forgotten something Eric Brooks--a tech department of one from Placer County Library System (CA)--said to me when we sat down to chat at his library last year. He told me that he thought all computer science students should be required to work at a computer lab or work a customer service job, like retail. He felt the skills required of these jobs would help techies understand their clients better, and more fully

front line staff, improving the process

Loren MccRory, the director of Yuba County Library in Marysville, CA, recently shared her thoughts on how she and her staff have improved communication between the library and their county tech staff. She had so many good ideas, that we decided to write a Feature on her, due to be published before the end of the month (to read other Features, look here).

another form of librarianship

When I was traveling around Northern California on the Internet Archive bookmobile, I had the opportunity to sit down with Eric Brooks, the lone technical support person at the Placer County Library. One of the many conversations we shared was around how he felt technical support personnel should either be mandated to work at a computer lab while in school, or they should pick up hours working a customer service job, like retail.

central libraries and branches, tech supporting differently

Here at MaintainIT, we hear similar stories from a host of libraries, and many times the size of the library doesn't make a lick of a difference. That was the case when Thomas Edelblute, from the Anaheim Public Library shared how tech support personnel located at the central library are contacted at a higher rate for issues at the headquarters than at the branches for the same issue. He shared:

Need some extra techie help? Advice from the field.

Libraries use volunteers or local help all the time to fill the gaps in the services they provide--program support, shelving, circ desk duties, and sometimes technology. The latter can be tricky, and as Becky Heil from Dubuque County Library in Farley, IA shared,

Free support desk software: Ilient Sysaid

Getting overwhelmed tracking your tech support issues? The free version of Ilient Sysaid might help. Technology and Training Specialist Jaketha Farmer of the Lamar County Public Library in Mississippi informed us about the downloadable application that she's been using to track her library staff's requests.