staff training

Training on training: WebJunction webinar coming up!

Next week at WebJunction, Lori Reed, the Training Specialist from the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenberg County will be sharing her vast expertise of training in libraries. In this webinar, Lori will explore "why you need to get your staff out of the classroom and instead focus on creating a culture of learning in your library." Nicely said!

on not reinventing the wheel...

All sorts of ideas are coming together this fine December morning...

First, I wanted to tout the inspired work of Annie Adamson, the System Administrator/Teen Young Adult Librarian/Reference Clerk -- that's a lot of hats! -- at the Caldwell Public Library in Caldwell, ID. You can read more about her in the latest Library Feature.

have you used a public computer?

I just read a terrific post on a blog called Library Chicken. This particular librarian was using the public computers for "2.0 learning" and learned more than she bargained for...

Are you a trainer? Accidentally?

If you answered yes--even with a bit of unease and hesitation--read on, this webinar is for you.

Stephanie Gerding, a talented author, trainer, and librarian, will be sharing her immense knowledge of training techniques with those who didn't expect to have training listed on their job description (or for those who want to learn more!).

Never fear, Stephanie is here!