Shelly Drumm

I laughed, I cried: why the ARSL-ABOS 2010 conference was a hit!

Librarians, bookmobiles, and a whole lot of inspiration captivated and captured my attention a couple weeks ago. The setting was the mile high city of Denver, where over 400 rural and small librarians and bookmobilists convened to share ideas and spark new ones.

just jump in!

Sometimes the biggest barrier to learning new technology is us. Me. You. And that part, once realized, can be pretty liberating.

That's why I'm always emboldened when I remember all of the impressive librarians we've spotlighted who overcame their fears, or took a giant leap of faith to learn something new that helped their community.

ARSL magic: ruminations on why I love this conference

I just returned from the wildly successful Association for Rural and Small Libraries conference held in Sacramento. I have much to share about why I loved it, why I'll keep coming back, and why, like Brenda, I'm shouting enthusiastically to everyone I know: "this is my new favorite conference!"